Unlock Sunken Treasure Troves with Fortune’s Bounty!


The new Lord of the Sea Hero Attire, Horse of the Sea Horse Attire, and Retinue of the Sea Unit Attire are just some of the items you could acquire when you open a Sunken Treasure Trove.

Available to buy* from the in-game Store, the Sunken Treasure Trove is a new type of Chest that contains guaranteed single items with a significant chance of a second. And the more Chests you dive into**, the more items you will discover!

As part of our new Fortune’s Bounty promotion, you can also earn Sunken Treasure Troves, simply by making any in-game Store purchase (including for any recently-added bundles) between now and midnight server time on April 28. The more Sovereigns you part with, the more rewards you’ll unlock.

Sovereigns spent



1x Sunken Treasure Trove

1x Large Bronze Coin Chest


1x Sunken Treasure Trove

2x Skald's Saga


2x Sunken Treasure Trove

1x Random Legendary Artillery Chest


2x Sunken Treasure Trove

3x Skald's Saga


6x Sunken Treasure Trove

5x Large Chest of Silver


Eat Drumstick (Emote)

Pieces of Eight (Title)

* The Sunken Treasure Trove is not available for purchase in the Netherlands and Belgium. The contents of the Sunken Treasure Trove are purely cosmetic and grant no competitive advantage.

** You are guaranteed to receive an item from the Guaranteed Items table after opening 5, 50, 100, 150 and 200 Sunken Treasure Troves. Check out the Chest drop rates here.