The Sons of Fenrir – demented worshippers of an ancient wolf-god – are unleashed. Seeking to enthrone their leader as king by any means necessary, they ravage the land of Ungverija and issue dire threats of ritual sacrifice to any who oppose them. Rising to the threat, a brave band of Northmen marches into the unknown to put an end to the madness of their wayward kin and save the land from destruction...

It is a time of axes. It is a time of shields. It is a time of wolves. Embark on an epic new saga in Season VII: Wolves of Ragnarok, coming to Conqueror’s Blade as a free update on March 18!


With Ungverija teetering on the brink of war and wolves clawing at the gates, you need warriors. Three brand-new units are coming in Season VII inspired by the ferocious Vikings who once ruled the waves and raided across the shores of Europe and beyond. Complete Unit Challenges throughout the season to reinforce your armies with Northmen, then embark on a new Seasonal Campaign with seasoned warriors at your side!


The Northmen are accomplished tacticians well-versed in the art of siege warfare. With the thunderous fury of the Allfather spurring your blades and engines, defend or lay siege to an all-new 15 vs. 15 Siege Battle map inspired by Norse architecture and settlements!


What destiny will the seeress unearth in your Runes? New to Season VII, Runes are sacred artefacts that can be attached to your warlord’s weapon, helmet, and armour to improve attributes such as health, attack, and defence, as well as providing other special bonuses. A number of Runes can be equipped at any one time, opening up entirely new possibilities for customisation and strategy in Conqueror’s Blade!


Spoils fit for the Æsir can be earned by completing Seasonal Challenges, amassing Glory, and levelling up throughout Season VII! The Battle Pass grants access to over 100 levels of Premium rewards, with Thegn’s Hero Attire available as an instant unlock when purchased. Take arms to add Sleipnir’s Mount Attire, Tyr’s Warband Unit Attire, the legendary Odin’s Hero Attire, and lots more treasures to your armoury throughout Season VII! If you want to play for free, the Free Pass includes a generous trove of rewards too, including a new weapon skin and player title.

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