As well as the many benefits that come with being the member of a House, there are a number of responsibilities that members need to be aware of if they want it to thrive. In other words, in order for a house to progress and hopefully become great, the individuals within it have to maintain a degree of support. They can do so in various ways, but perhaps the two most important are by donating to its coffers and by literally fighting for its Honour.

Money Matters
Silver is an important resource for individuals and for houses as it’s required to maintain units and build equipment. It can be earned from early quests and from battles, and can be generated either as a house-wide tax on player income or given by members as a donation to the treasury of the controlled territory. If silver is donated, it additionally generates Honour for the House.

For Honour
Honour is predominately earned by engaging in battle on behalf on the house, either as part of the grand-scale Territory War or by taking part in “big world” encounters and siege battles. In addition, when equipment and other resources are given to the House, these generate a small amount of Honour as well.


There is no glory without Honour
Unlike Silver, Honour isn’t something that can be hoarded and used when necessary. Honour must be maintained to ensure that a house keeps its status relative to those around it. Houses are currently ranked according to their fiefdoms, which determine the level at which Houses are awarded various benefits in terms of resources and battlefield bonuses. However, if the members of a house cannot subsequently maintain it’s Honour through in-game activity and material contributions, its standing will decline.      

Levelling the House
As well as Silver to fund activities and Honour to maintain status, Houses also require a form of experience to be able to grow their ranks. Much like individual members, the more XP a house can acquire, the higher its level. Crucially, a higher level means a House can recruit more members. Members can earn XP for their house by taking part in matchmaking battles (up to 10 a day), completing daily quests and engaging in Territory Wars. In addition, members can generate a small amount of XP just by being logged into the game for a few hours a week.


Obviously, it’s up to a leader whether riches, experience or standing is the greatest indicator of success, but all House leaders will have to focus on all three “resources” to one degree or another, depending on their immediate and long-term goals.