New to Season VI: the Royal Falcon Tavern!


The Royal Falcon Tavern is opening for business on December 21!. Located just inside the main gate at Turul Város, it's the first hostelry in the world fit for heroes! Unlike the squalid backstreet pubs frequented by idlers and deserters, the Royal Falcon doesn’t simply offer a respite from the cold. It’s a place for warlords to meet, make plans, and undertake new and exciting missions!

All you have to do to enjoy its hospitality is enter through the door, where you can simply enjoy the sights and sounds of the bar, or, if you're up for a rewarding challenge, approach one of the NPC quest-givers. Being the place where news and newcomers arrive first, you can expect to see new NPC faces and challenges on a regular basis when Season VI: Scourge of Winter takes hold.

Don't forget to stop by the Royal Falcon when you next visit Turul Város. You'll be sure to receive a seasonally warm welcome!