Creator Spotlight: Xar


Xar is one of the most relaxed of all Conqueror’s Blade Content Creators. His easy-going manner doesn’t so much contrast with the bloody on-screen action of his regular gameplay streams, but complements it. The ‘chill beats’ that provide a soundtrack help, of course, but it’s that Xar can appreciate all the colours of the Conqueror’s Blade palette, not just the red mist of battle, that perhaps explains his calm demeanour.

Having been actively streaming for two years, it was a year ago that Xar revealed to the community his creative side by streaming his skills with a brush as well as his sword. His enjoyment of the game had already stirred his artistic talents in capturing the game from a unique perspective, making a natural next step to then share his creations with the community.

“Art is a way to express myself and I’ve always loved the beauty of simplicity, as well as Asian and medieval era- themed artwork,” says Xar. “So when I began to dive into Conqueror’s Blade it all came naturally. People began to commission me to draw their characters as well as their wallpapers. I grew to love the theme even more and began to create more artwork.”

When starting a new piece of art, Xar waits for inspiration first. It could come from a weapon, a theme or just a feeling. “I draw the outlines, the characters, the proportions. When it comes to the finishes it's more about the general feel of it and I let my intuition reign. Drop by my stream or Instagram and I'll happily show you some time-lapses!”

Xar is a close friend of Crescentine, who not only introduced him to the game and suggested he join the Content Creator Program, but encouraged him to indulge his talents in front of a live audience. “What attracted me most to the game was the mix of third-person action, teamplay and especially the strategic nature of unit control,” says Xar. He quickly became proficient with the Short Sword, which has long been his primary weapon. “I love the tankiness and I enjoy the frontline aspect: pushing my team forward with shields and pikes into the breach. It's overall versatility and it's close combat abilities make it my favourite.”

“Currently my favourite unit in the game is the Fortebraccio, due to it's high damage output, but also its vulnerabilities and need for team-play to unlock its full potential.”

When he isn’t charging around with his sword drawn or brush at the ready, Xar enjoys the quieter side of life in-game. As a leader of BloodOath (EU1), his role is to devise plans and put them in motion: “My typical day revolves around finding solutions to potential obstacles and finding best ways of collaborating with other houses. I take care of concerns of the community, broker deals, create tactics, war plans, targets and coordinate with my war commanders and other leaders in the house. Territory War is a time of heavy coordination so we train to stay sharp on the battlefield.”

Inevitably, of course, Xar will find some time to stream and invite the wider community into his world, whether it be to play a few matchmaking battles with friends or to indulge his artistic side once again. His broad interest in art and games has understandably attracted a diverse audience. “My channel's goal was always to create a friendly, fun and chill environment where people can come and hang out,” he says. “I am blessed with a very wholesome community. The words of encouragement of viewers, community managers, and other fellow content creators - in what has been a relatively hard year on me (healthwise), has been a true blessing.”

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