Producer Update: September 25, 2020


Hi everyone! My name is Ola, and for some time now I’ve been the Associate Producer for Conqueror’s Blade. I work with Jacek, who you may know from previous Producer Updates, and together we ensure that the game stays on the right path so you get the best gaming experience possible.

I worked on several other free-to-play titles before joining MY.GAMES, but being part of the Conqueror’s Blade team is really exciting for me, and I’m looking forward to the upcoming months and seasons! We received many questions from you since the last Producer Update, so here’s the first round of answers from me.

Are there any plans to bring new quality of life features to Conqueror’s Blade throughout Season V?

We’re always looking for possibilities and opportunities to introduce new quality of life features, and the launch of new seasons are always a great time to do this. We recently announced some new content coming in Season V: Legacy of Fire, and we recommend keeping an eye out for more upcoming news.

Are there plans to introduce unit voiceovers to Conqueror’s Blade?

As you may now know, we recently implemented new voiceovers in Conqueror’s Blade! In case you missed it, take a look at the article along with a trailer spotlighting the actors who brought the units to life. We hope you like it!

Players can spam artillery, making it a battle of “who has the most artillery?” rather than one of tactics and performance. Are there any plans to make changes to how artillery works in Siege Battles?

There are several things we’re looking into right now with regards to balance, and artillery is one of them. I can tell you that we’re considering some changes, but at the moment, it’s too early to share more details about it.

Are there any plans to implement a quest tracker for Unit Challenges or the option to view the Unit Challenge menu mid-battle?

We are planning to optimize this system, but this will be a gradual process.

Before the game launched, it was mentioned by a producer that a House Bank was in development. We would like to be able to trade things with our House members, so are there any plans to bring this to the game soon?

We are planning to introduce multiple changes to how Houses work and are maintained, and we do want to give more functions to House leaders and House members. However, this is a long term goal and will be rolled out in the future.

Are there any plans to make older units from the Unit Tree viable in battle? They are currently much weaker and less important than Seasonal Units.

Yes, that’s on our to-do list! Stay tuned for more information.

Are there plans to update the way the AI functions for Ranged Units? Many ranged units aim in the wrong direction, or simply do not fire at all when commanded.

Yes, this is something we’re continuously working on.

Are there any plans to allow Houses to upgrade fiefs they own to allow for more defensive capabilities? For example, fortifying walls, hiring AI Troops (which you can upgrade), more barricades, extra gates or siege positioning, etc.?

Our team really likes this idea, though it’s too early to say whether it’s going to be implemented, and, if so, when.

Are there any plans to bring different grades of Horses to the game, such as Epic-quality horses?

The variety of horse types, aesthetics, and specialisations is a topic that’s been on our radar since launch. However, this is not a critical focus for us, and we are currently focusing on different areas of game improvement and expansion.


That’s all for this round! Stay safe, and I’ll see you on the battlefield!

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Conqueror’s Blade Associate Producer, Ola (enyo).