Scribe Week Writing Contest: Declaring the winners!


Thank you to everyone who was brave enough to pen a declaration of war for our Scribe Week Writing Contest. The Sultan of Anadolou, normally expressionless when he studies his morning correspondence, was moved to comment on a number of entries. However, there was one in particular that caused him to consider abandoning his campaign for Reginopolis, when he received the following from LadyVengeance...

His Sublime Majesty,

Sultan Faith Suleyman, the Fourth of That Name, and Sovereign Ruler of the State and Territory of Anadolou,

It has been many years past since we last spoke and yet, I still remember the burning fervor we once had for each other. You were but ‘His Royal Highness,’ a prince, eager for my heart’s affections, and I, a princess, so very young and excited by your love and your ambition. It was just as enticing then as it is now, but unfortunately, we grow up.

Now time has seen to it that this ambition you had has betrayed itself upon my heart deeper than I had first considered it – and sharp, like the blade of many conquerors before, it pains me to say this but… you have broken all that we had between us, and you have gone too far.

This is my declaration of war!

Although quaint, your attempt at befalling the pride and glory of our dearest Queen of Cities, Reginopolis, was, at best amusing… It is time for you to surrender your heart to me or pay in the blood of our empires.

And even now, as you plot further devices of destruction across the land, I urge you to reconsider your next move: Take heed, whilst your head be on your shoulders, and your chest still dares to rise and fall – I pray, for your sake – that should we speak again, you are ready to say all that my ears would dare to hear.

Signed - Yours Truly,

Lady Vengeance

Well done to LadyVengeance (NA) for penning the winning English entry, and to compatriots AthosDeLaFere (EU1) and Ceremony (NA), whose words have secured their authors second and third prize respectively. The Sultan is now meeting with his exchequer to arrange the rapid transfer of Sovereigns and Premium Account time to all winners from all nations, with a view to avoiding any unnecessary military action in the future.

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