Despite intense efforts to breach the walls of Reginopolis, the enemy flag continues to mock the Anadolu forces by waving from the high walls of the main keep.

Knowing that time is running out if his army is to march into the Borderlands before the campaign season ends, the Sultan has been devising a new strategy to secure the city: one even bolder than the use of siege engineers to tunnel beneath its walls.

Instead of superior troops, the Sultan is hoping sheer force of numbers will invite victory. However, this has meant diverting the bulk of his army back towards Reginopolis, via a route that requires his forces to, not only secure dangerous waters and attempt a beach landing, but to do so at night, then to quickly press inland taking their ships and equipment with them!

Desperate times would seem to necessitate desperate measures...

A second front has opened up in the battle to liberate Reginopolis, as the forces of Anadolu seek to reinforce a faltering attack by surrounding the city first. Meanwhile, under cover of night, the defence has moved out to try to halt the disaster of encirclement.

For both sides By Land and Sea is effectively a Siege, played out across the darkened peninsula of a Field Battle. The attackers can elect to drive through the centre of the map, using a wedge of concentrated force to secure each capture point or utilise the side routes to assault each at their flanks.

A successful defence must be equally focused on the centre-ground as the assault inevitably creeps north, but will enjoy equal opportunity to harry and counterattack down the sides of the map. As such, the side that first finds and then presses home its advantage will be the one best placed to ready itself as the next phase of this epic battle draws near!