DaddyDeath’s sudden death Death Tournament


There’s been no shortage of duelling tournaments in recent months, which is why we’re pleased to see the guy who popularised them trying something a little bit different. Rather than 1v1 town centre scuffles, DaddyDeath’s Death Tournament will instead invite players to take part in 3v3 Field Battles.

The tournament will be set up in a single-elimination format, to be played on Saturday 25 July on the Conqueror’s Blade Tournament Server.

Signups are in progress and DaddyDeath369 will be streaming the festivities live. The very first subject in our Creator Spotlight series will, of course, be judge, jury and excommunicator when it comes to taking names and handing out prizes. Speaking of which…


1st Place Flag

2,300 Sovereigns

30-days Premium Status

2nd place

2nd Place Flag

1,100 Sovereigns

30-days Premium Status

3rd place

3rd Place Flag

525 Sovereigns

7-days Premium Status

10K Silver



  • Competition is a single-elimination format administered through challonge.
  • All games will be 3v3.
  • Substitutions will be allowed between games.
  • No seasonal units will be used from any current or concluded season.
  • Each team must have at least 1 person record the end results of their game.
  • In the event of a game crashing, the match will be restarted once. After that, the team will get the choice to continue 1 player down or forfeit the round.
  • In the event of a draw, the team with the highest points will progress.
  • Abuse of game bugs will result in a team disqualification
  • The host reserves the right to disqualify players/teams due to unsporting behaviour.