One of the headline additions of the Season III: Soldiers of Fortune update is the Maul, the first new hero class to be added to Conqueror’s Blade since it was in pre-beta. With its limited manoeuvrability (it can’t side roll) offset by a devastating gavel, it’s a warlord that is sure to make an immediate and lasting impression when it smashes its way into the game on April 21st.

However, in keeping with new units introduced as part of previous seasons, the Maul won’t be immediately accessible. To unlock the ground-pounding new class, your characters will first have to earn enough Glory to reach Nobility Tier 25, which by our calculations should take no more than a few hours. There will, of course, be a Season III Battle Pass to aid your Seasonal progression, but it won’t be a requirement to unlock the Maul.

Once you have access to the Maul, you will be able to unlock its class-specific skills by working through a series of tasks, which, similar to Unit Challenges, can be completed through normal gameplay or by paying a small amount of Silver. In addition to unlocking skills, you’ll be able to access Schematics for Maul-specific weapons and armour as you progress through the Nobility Tiers (again, with or without a Battle Pass). 

To help you plan for your imminent advancement, we’ve listed some of the more interesting Maul Skills below:

Mighty Mjölnir

The Maul isn’t known for its speed, but when he absolutely has to bring his weapon into range, this skill will get him there when it matters! Can also be followed up with a shoulder barge and combo skills.

Up from Hel

A devastating overhead swing that can be chained up to four times, at an increased cost to Stamina and movement speed. A fourth strike cannot be blocked.

Forge of War

Of all the area-of-effect weapons that can be aimed at the floor, the Maul’s is the most powerful, sending enemy units into the air and causing extensive blunt force damage that cannot be blocked.

Strike & Grapple

A spectacular attack that when successfully used on enemy heroes will see them picked up, thrown over the shoulder, charged forward and then tossed to the ground before their limp body is given a final pounding.