After an almighty clash of countries, the results are in from the Nation Cup! Hosted from August 13–September 6, this community-run tournament saw nations clash and champions rise.

Thank you to the organiser Madshin, our shoutcasters (including Templeshot, MarkOfGee, and Seabee), all our Community Managers, and of course, all teams, players, and everyone rooting for their champions! 


Well done to Germany, who seized the crown and took the W. They were led by their captain DunkelKagan, who said their team’s best moment was in the final. “The moment when we proved we are the best nation in Conqueror's Blade. The biggest fail is pretty clear: there was no failure throughout the entire tournament. We took all losses as a win since we learned from it. No Ls, only Ws!"

  • Balthasar
  • Javamoul
  • mxnu
  • DunkelKagan
  • WinkroKagan
  • KickerTsesu
  • tscheppel
  • SilvOr
  • Jekkt
  • Bloodstory
  • Felondir
  • Centre


Coming up hot in second place, Turkey took the silver. They were led by their captain Buminkagan, who ruminated on their final performance. “Although we generally had the upper hand in the siege battle against the Germans, some small defensive mistakes on our part led to a draw. 

“In the Deathmatch, they were generally superior. The biggest mistake we made on our side was some of our players getting grabbed by enemy Mauls. Apart from that, I can say that we played poorly with the Monastics we used in the base. If there is another Nation Cup, we want to make up for these mistakes and take first place as Türkiye.”

  • EjDerYa
  • LouenLeoncoeurr
  • BuminnKagan
  • DaRBeLiMaTKaP
  • Macuka
  • Rhazien
  • FerrariScuderia
  • BraveHakan
  • FlareStar


Taking bronze placement, Romania secured a safe third place. They were led by their captain GRZ, who reflected on their best performance. “I really think Romania vs Poland was the best round of the competition, with lots of ups and downs. Also, it was the only game that was decided in Field Battle. I would love to see some more 8v8 Field Battle tournaments.”

  • slideqt
  • Ruffle
  • StryKer
  • Kizu
  • HnKPublicEnemy
  • Classico
  • FromHEROtwoZERO
  • Xiphon
  • TechnoCalyps
  • Babardel
  • WRZ
  • GRZ


Just missing out on the top three, Benelux secured fourth place in the Nation Cup.

  • xHOHO
  • TrustyBell
  • MaryJoseph-1
  • hayANTO
  • Excalibuur
  • Enrirossi
  • MonkeyByTheMyo
  • Seabee
  • dutchman
  • LexiaTF
  • Kuon

Taking fifth to eighth places: France, the USA, Canada, and the Rest of the World.

Rewards for victors included an Epic Title, a Community-made Unit Banner and Myrmillones Shield, a special Koinobori Avatar, Sovereigns, Premium Time, and more.

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