The Matchlock Ashigaru have set foot on the battlefield in Conqueror’s Blade. To celebrate the arrival of the musket-wielding Unit, you can enjoy super sales and exciting events until August 17!

Together to Victory (PVE Mode)

Prepare to defend to the end in the returning PVE Mode: Together to Victory! Fight together with Lord Fujimura, and protect him against waves of incoming enemies.

Victory will reward you with Shield Points that allow you to claim Ashigaru Shields, which you can exchange for incredible rewards including unlocking the Matchlock Ashigaru Unit, Uncommon Scrolls of Mastery, Treatises, and more.

Together to Victory ends August 17, but the Exchange is available until August 24, so get swapping! 

Upgrade Your Wardrobe With Attire Chests

Use your Golden Keys to unlock special Attire Chests (via the ‘G’ menu) until August 17.

  • Sea Monster Attire Chest: Dive into the depths of daring fashion and unlock incredible items, including the Midgard Serpent’s Shortsword & Shield.
  • Onibi’s Army Attire Chest: Make style history and unlock magnificent items including Onibi Tenmu Hero Attire, Tenmu's Steed Mount Set, and Onibi Guard Unit Attire.

Golden Chain Bundles

Until August 17, you can climb the ladder of Golden Chains to grab better and better bundles! Get the first Golden Chain Bundle for free, which unlocks the opportunity to buy the second, and continue until the ultimate prize: an Epic Hero Schematic Crate!

Rewards include:

  • Treatises
  • Bronze
  • Golden Keys
  • Artificer’s Stones
  • Special Honour Medals
  • Epic Wisdoms
  • Unit Medals
  • Lotus Water
  • Optimal Divine Crows

Revel in the Matchlock Ashigaru Mayhem until August 17!