Get ready to roll the dice! The All or Nothing limited-time event is back from July 20 to August 3, with a few new changes this time around:

  • Seasonal Seal is not in effect.
  • Leadership is adjusted to 700.
  • Players are automatically given 2x Rare Artillery on Attack and 1x Rare Artillery on Defence. 
  • The maximum group size to participate is three.

Prepare to enter the fray and earn Stars to exchange for Treasure Troves. Every battle won will net you 1 Star, but losing even one battle means losing all the Stars you have earned so far. Exchange them while you can or risk it all for more Stars! 3 Stars are needed to exchange for a Golden Trove, so be wary.

You can also complete Warden Quests in All or Nothing to earn rewards:

  • Participate in 10 games (with a record of B or higher) and receive 2x Universal Challenge Vouchers
  • Participate in 20 games (with a record of B or higher) and receive 5x Treatises
  • Win nine games to receive 30x Uncommon Scrolls of Mastery

Exchange your Stars for Iron, Silver, and Gold Treasure Troves via the Event Page. Your first Golden Trove is guaranteed to include the Sengoku Weapon Attire Selection, meaning you can take your pick of the following Japanese-inspired Weapon Skins: 

  • Great Sanada Glaive
  • Noble Yari Spear
  • Wild Thunder Bow

Treasure Troves can include Treatises, Silver Keys, Gold Dust, Artillery, Uncommon Scrolls of Mastery, Protection Charms, Schematics, and more. 

Victory Horns are not available during this event. However, Protection Charms are in effect. Consuming a Protection Charm will prevent the loss of Stars if you are defeated. Protection Charms can also be purchased from the in-game Store for added protection.