Grab Unit Bundles from Season II: Wrath of the Nomads and Season III: Soldiers of Fortune at up to 70% off from the in-game Store until July 6 (08:00 server time)!

Fight in old-school style with the following bundles:

  • Wrath of the Nomads Unit Bundle: Relive the battles of yore with the Namkhan Archers, Selemchid Cavalry, Khorchins, Tseregs, Khevtuul Cavalry, and the Kheshigs (Purchase Limit: 1)
  • Soldiers of Fortune Unit Bundle*: Fortune smiles upon the soldiers you receive in this bundle. Hit the battlefield with the Condotteri Guard, Fortebraccio Pikemen, and Falconneti Gunners. (Purchase Limit: 1)

*This bundle does not include Pavise Crossbowmen

Oppose your enemies with these timeless Units, available now from the in-game Store!