Conqueror’s Blade: Sengoku features three new Seasonal Units to add to your ranks. Inspired by the legendary warriors of Japan, each brings unique attributes to the battlefield.

We spoke to the developers at Booming Tech about all things Sengoku Units, from their historical inspiration to their tactical viability. Today, we’ll start with the Ronin (3-Star Unit)!

Q: The Ronin is inspired by the legendary masterless martial arts masters of old; what is it about the history of these wanderers that made you consider them fit to become a Unit in Conqueror’s Blade?


A: Firstly, the Ronin are a staple in various works, and they did exist in real history too. Secondly, their unwavering will resonates with people all over the globe.

Q: Their role on the battlefield is to charge into the enemy’s formation and deal damage by using Iaido; how do you expect them to stack up against other Units of their type?


A: Their advantage is that they'll be able to launch one powerful Iaido Strike after another under ideal conditions. They gain greater fervour but are few in numbers, meaning they'll have to pick their battles wisely.​​​​

Q: Historically, becoming a ronin was undesirable, and meant you were dishonourable. Do you think the Orochi Samurai in Conqueror’s Blade would look down on the Ronin?


A: The Orochi Samurai are, without a doubt, the more elite unit of the two. Class hierarchy was strict in feudal Japan, besides, the Ronin were born of defeat.

Q: The Ronin in Conqueror’s Blade use two swords, a reflection of their real-life inspiration. However, some Ronin used a bō (staff). Why the decision to stick with the swords?


A: The staff is the tool of a wanderer, while the blade inherits its master's truth.

Q: Which specific units are the Ronin strong and weak against?


A:  The Ronin excel at dealing with Units that do not use a shield, and fare poorly against shielded Units.

Stay tuned for upcoming Behind The Scenes looks at the Onna-musha and Orochi Samurai!