Swear the oath and become a Samurai in Conqueror’s Blade: Sengoku, the new Japanese-inspired Season now available as a free update! 

Rise through the ranks in a new Seasonal Campaign, unlock brand-new Units, earn exclusive rewards from the Sengoku Battle Pass, take on a new PVE mode, and get to grips with new features and gameplay improvements. 

New Beginnings

Welcome to Conqueror’s Blade! Prepare to embark on a new adventure with exciting and adrenaline-pumping battles around every corner, and Japanese-inspired cosmetics, glory, and bragging rights to claim as your reward. If you’re new to the game or returning after a break, we’ve prepared a few new features to make it easier than ever to get up to speed and hit the battlefield:

  • Master the Updated Tutorial: Learn the ins and outs of Conqueror’s Blade from Units to Heroes in our new Tutorial, complete with an updated story and objectives.
  • Get Started with the Progress Pass: If you’re new to Conqueror’s Blade, pick up the Progress Pass (‘F4’) for 750 Sovereigns, and progress through the tiers to obtain useful items on your new adventure! 
  • Enjoy Improved Matchmaking: Fight fairer thanks to an updated matchmaking algorithm.
  • Hone Your Skills in PVE Battles: Take on solo expeditions in new PVE experiences available in a new mode and the Tutorial to awaken the Samurai inside you.
  • Boost Your Units: Upgrade your Units with Unit Mastery, and make your barracked Veteran fighters competitively viable once more.

Unlock Seasonal Units

Give no quarter with fearsome warriors by your side. Unlock the following new Seasonal Units via Unit Challenges:

  • Ronin (3-Star)Available Now: Use these masters of martial arts to launch quick attacks on an unsuspecting enemy.
  • Onna-musha (4-Star)Coming June 12: These fearsome females wield their blades with deadly skill and precision.
  • Orochi Samurai (5-Star)Coming June 26: Exceptionally deadly, this Unit is proficient at hitting multiple enemies for a devastating attack.

Recruit Additional Reinforcements

Fortify your ranks with three new Units available to unlock or use in the newly-revamped Tutorial:

  • Mace Sergeants Available Now: Fight alongside this new Unit in the updated Tutorial as you learn how to effectively strategise on the battlefield.
  • Naginata Monks Available Now: Purchase this brand-new Mercenary Unit to unleash these temple monks on the battlefield.
  • Matchlock Ashigaru Coming Soon: This elite force uses firearms to lay waste to their enemies. Stay tuned for more details on how to unlock them!

Check out more information on each and every Unit arriving with Conqueror’s Blade: Sengoku in our Units Spotlight.

Sengoku Battle Pass: Earn Exclusive Free & Premium Rewards

Lay claim to the treasures of the Samurai. Over 100 levels of Free and Premium rewards can be redeemed by completing Seasonal Challenges, earning Glory, and levelling up your Battle Pass. Outfit your new Japanese-inspired Units with the Yoriki Unit Attire and fly the Sengoku Banner high in battle. Prove your prowess as a true Samurai and claim the highest reward at Tier 100—-the Red Stag Hero Attire and Mount Set.

Shadow Muraji Hero Attire is granted as an instant reward when you purchase the Battle Pass in-game for 1,000 Sovereigns. Plenty more fantastic rewards can be earned on the Free Pass, too!

New PVE Mode: Mastery Commander

Take on enemy invaders in a solo PVE mission like no other. Mastery Commander Invites you to drop into battle with your own Units and equipment and fight off AI Heroes and Units to gain victory. 

New & Improved Features

With a new Season comes new changes! Check out all the Quality of Life changes arriving with Conqueror's Blade: Sengoku here, including the brand-new Honour Shop, changes to the Tutorial, and new Character Customisation options. 

Seasonal Campaign: Sengoku

Embark on a brand new journey in the Seasonal Campaign beginning in the Borderlands or Maoyang (and journey to Ostaria later on in the Season), and play every week to follow the story and secure your standing. Battle in twice-weekly Territory Wars (beginning June 6) with your House and complete Stages to prepare for the final fight in Conqueror's City at the end of the Season.

Season Launch Events & Sales 

  • Delve into New Doctrine Pools: The Fields of Valour and Torn Skies Doctrine Excavation Sites have reopened! Talk to the War Scholar and use your Treatises to find Epic-Quality Doctrines for Ranged and Buckler Units until June 15.
  • Open up a Sunken Treasure Attire Chest: Unlock the contents of this buried treasure with Golden Keys for a chance to receive the Lord of the Sea Hero Attire until June 15.
  • Browse Attire Shop Updates: Check out the Attire Chest menu (‘G’), to behold the Antique Wrathful Emperor Attire, Antique Shadow Legion Unit Attire, Antique Iron Warrior Attire, Restless Spirit Pike, and Suan Ni's Yawn Musket, available until August 31.
  • Claim Twitch Drops: Watch Conqueror’s Blade Content Creators until June 11 to earn Twitch Drops including Greater Scrolls of Glory, Artificer’s Stones, Silver Keys, and much more. Check out all the details here.

Download and play Conqueror’s Blade: Sengoku today!

For more information about the new Season, check out the latest patch notes. New to the game? Conqueror’s Blade is available to download and play for free from the official website and Steam. Get the latest Conqueror’s Blade news by subscribing to the official newsletter and connecting with us on Twitch, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Discord.