Unlock treasure troves with Golden Keys (via the ‘G’ menu) before June 1 to claim exclusive Weapon Skins and Hero Attire worthy of a mighty sun deity.

Mighty Guardian Attire Chest

The Mighty Guardian Attire Chest has a chance of containing a unique Weapon Skin, endowing the power of Poseidon himself in the form of unique visual effects for the Shore’s Edge Pike. The Chest is also bursting with Attire and other items for you to claim.

Ten Suns Attire Chest 

The Ten Suns Chest grants you the sun-soaked strength to claim rare pieces of Hero and Unit Attire and Weapon Skins. Contents may include the following:

  • Protectorate General Hero Attire
  • Protectorate General Mount Set
  • Qian Officer's Hero Attire
  • Thousand Riders Unit Banner
  • Thousand Riders Unit Attire
  • Kanagawa's Eye Bow
  • And much more!

You can view the full contents of both Attires Chests in-game.