Three Seasonal Units inspired by legendary Ancient Chinese heroes are coming to Conqueror’s Blade: Eternal when the update arrives on February 23

The third and final Unit is ready to be introduced: Yanyuedao Cavalry (5-Star).

Inspired by real-life historical figure Guan Yu—one of the five Tiger Generals—the Yanyuedao Cavalry are some of the most skilled riders in the world, making them fiendishly powerful and fast. 

Legends abound of a battle in which eight hundred Yanyuedao Cavalry annihilated a massive army numbering in the thousands. A soldier once said of them: "The valley breeze, gentle though it may be, ensconces the towering peaks. There is no grass, and there is no tree that does not fail to wilt under its unassuming power. Our horses are unmatched in battle and overwhelm everything in their way.

Instead of a standard Cavalry charge, this Unit prefers to ‘charge up’ its slashing attacks, building momentum on horseback. Glaives deliver built-up strikes, delivering damage and armour penetration over a large area, dependent on how much charge was produced.

Stirrup some trouble and draft the Yanyuedao Cavalry by completing new Unit Challenges in Conqueror’s Blade: Eternal when they arrive later in the Season on March 27.

IMPORTANT: This article is accurate as of the time of publication but may be subject to change. Please read the Eternal patch notes and Unit Guides throughout the new Season for the latest information!