Journey into legend in Conqueror’s Blade: Eternal, launching as a free update on February 23. Recruit Units inspired by Ancient China and its extraordinary heroes as you take on a new Seasonal Campaign! 

Prepare to become eternal by preordering the Battle Pass in-game, with a set of bonus rewards available to claim straight away!

New Mode: Escalation (Siege)

Prove your tactical prowess in Escalation! This brand-new Siege mode allows you to replace your Units at any time throughout a match, giving you more strategic choices to contribute to your team, and the outcome of a battle. 

Escalation will launch on February 23 with the new Season. You can learn more about it right here.

New Units

Draft new Seasonal units inspired by the heroes of Ancient China:

  • Wuxing Pikemen (3-Star): Unleash elemental fury upon your opponents with this fiery Unit’s flaming spears.
  • Crescent Monks (4-Star): These travelling, tattooed men of faith expertly handle their shovel-like weapons, wielding them to bring down enemies who threaten their way of life.
  • Yanyuedao Cavalry (5-Star): Let loose with devastating attacks from atop mighty steeds and turn the tide of battle with this cavalry brigade.

New Enhancement System: Artificer’s Forge

Starting from the new Season, equipment reforging is changing. Use the Artificer's Stone to refine your equipment at the Artificer's Forge and get gear with better attributes.

New Artillery: Divine Crow

Hit the battlefield with brand-new Epic Artillery! Inspired by the Huolongjing (an Ancient Chinese guide to fire weapons), the Divine Crow’s fiery strength is sure to turn the tide of battle with its extensive range and blast radius.

Preorder the Battle Pass

Preorder the Eternal Battle Pass to start earning exclusive bonus content when Conqueror’s Blade: Eternal launches. Get the following when you preorder the Battle Pass in-game before February 23:

  • Eternal Battle Pass: Active from February 23!
  • 2x Greater Scrolls of Glory: Receive 5,000 Glory per Scroll to boost your Battle Pass level.
  • 10x Unit Medals: Each Unit Medal grants 5,000 Unit XP to a selected unit.
  • 50,000 Bronze Coins: In-game currency.
  • 1x Treatise: This allows the War Scholar to excavate ancient battlefields and collect Doctrines to give your units useful bonuses.

You’ll unlock the Wandering Hero Attire straight away when you activate your Battle Pass. Keep rising through the ranks to claim the Hundred Victories Hero Attire at Tier 100!

New Seasonal Campaign 

Start your expedition in the Borderlands or Liangyun, and compete in twice-weekly Territory Wars with your House to achieve victory and prepare for the final battle in Daicheng at the end of the Season.

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Conqueror’s Blade is now available to download and play for free on Microsoft PC via MG Launcher and Steam!