Prepare to participate in epic events, earn and exchange amazing rewards, and help out your House or Cohort with Unit Sharing from December 8!

All or Nothing

The All or Nothing limited-time event is back from December 8 to December 22… with a twist! The following Siege maps are in rotation for All or Nothing, so get ready to enter the fray, and earn Stars to exchange for Treasure Troves:

  • Heilung Fjord
  • Empyrean Sands
  • Kurak Castle Redux

Every battle won will net you 1 Star, but losing even one battle means losing all the Stars you have earned so far. Exchange them while you can or risk it all for more Stars! 3 Stars are needed to exchange for a Golden Trove, so be careful!

Exchange your Stars for Iron, Silver, and Gold Treasure Troves via the Event Page. Your first Golden Trove is guaranteed to include the Scorpio Weapons Cache, meaning you can take your pick of the following Weapon Skins: 

  • Heartstopper Short Bow
  • Royal Peacock Nodachi 
  • Shekargar Longsword & Shield

Treasure Troves can include Treatises, Silver Keys, Gold Dust, Artillery, Protection Charms, and much more. Silver Eagles and Gold Eagles can also lie inside the Troves, which can be exchanged for incredible rewards! 

Victory Horns are not available during this event. However, Protection Charms are in effect. Consuming a Protection Charm will prevent the loss of Stars if you are defeated. Protection Charms can also be purchased from the in-game Store for added protection.

Unit Sharing Event

From December 8 until December 22, you can share Units with members of your House (or Cohort) to boost your battles, even in All or Nothing! 

How It Works

Nobles of Houses or Veteran Cohort members can share their max-level Units with a shared Unit pool. Once there are enough Units in the pool, other members of your House/Cohort can choose Units from the pool in the deployment interface when joining Matchmaking Battles (shared Units will retain their Level, Attribute Points, and Doctrines). 

Players who lend their Units to others will also receive rewards in return for their generosity!

Each player can borrow a limited number of Units each day. When entering a matchmaking battle, you will get a choice among three random Units from the pool (with priority on higher-tiered ones). There is no limit to the number of times a Unit can be borrowed, but these Units are still affected by leadership caps and the Seasonal Seal.

After a Unit is used by a player, the Unit will be marked and other players will not receive this Unit as part of randomisation while in the deployment interface. When all Units in the shared pool are marked, the marking status will be reset and all Units will become random.


Members with the rank of Noble within their House or Veteran within the Imperial Restorationists can put their maximum-levelled Units in the Unit Sharing pool (up to a maximum of three), which can be borrowed by fellow players in their House/Cohort.


When the Shared Unit is borrowed by other players and those players obtain a rating of C or above in a battle, the player who added the Unit to the Sharing pool will receive a Benefactor's Bounty (which includes 3x Silver Eagles and 1x Gold Eagle). You can earn this reward up to three times a day!

Unit Sharing is only available in:

  • Siege Battle
  • Field Battle
  • Free Battle
  • Colosseum
  • All or Nothing Event

Drops & Exchange

Exchange your Silver and Gold Eagles for the following rewards from the Event Page:

  • Epic Schematic Chests
  • Treatises
  • Pure Wisdom
  • Lotus Water
  • Gold Dust
  • Bronze
  • And much more!