It's been three years since Conqueror's Blade launched, and together we have shared in many glorious victories and shed a few tears of defeat. We wish to further improve Conqueror's Blade, so before Helheim begins on June 9, we think now is the perfect time to contemplate the good and the bad. 

Battle Pass 

Each Season's Battle Pass is a cornerstone with which we convey the season's theme and the uniqueness of civilisations and other sources of inspiration. We want all of you to have lasting memories of Seasons, not only in the form of Units but also through themed Attires and Titles.

Having received plenty of feedback on the Battle Pass, we have considered its reward distribution and the design of weekly challenges. All in all, neither fully meets our expectations.

We believe there's no better time than now to rework and improve these. We want each Battle Pass to be a treasury of rewards rather than a burden to bear. We hope you look forward to climbing a refined Battle Pass on June 9!

Improved Ranked Battle Scoring System

Ranked Battles are one of Conqueror's Blade's most unique game modes—a competitive platform with its own scoring system. It is the big stage where heroes must hone their skills to perfect and grow stronger if they wish to reign supreme.

However, as it stands now in Ranked Battles, unreasonable mechanics have led to high pressure, negatively affecting the experience.

To remedy this, we're introducing a new star-tier mechanic with the Helheim update. Hopefully, this will improve the situation and truly make Ranked Battle into the positive experience it should be.

Each tier has a specific number of battle stars required to rank up. Earn enough stars, and you will promote to the next rank. Stars are earned for winning ranked battles and are deducted, scaling with your ranked tier on a battle loss.

If you lose a battle with 0 stars for your current tier, you will not de-rank to the previous tier unless you are currently on the Imperial Hero or Grand Champion ranks. After achieving the rank of Grand Champion, you will start receiving Ranked Battle Score. Your rank is then based on your score.

For example, a player with the rank of New Blood, Rookie, or Contestant would need 2 Stars to be promoted, would receive 1 Star for a win, and no loss penalties or de-ranks.

Clearer Beginner Tutorial

We want the Hero's Journey to serve as a guide for new players as they learn the ropes and a means with which to close the gap between them and veterans. It's an important system that enables players to quickly gain more freedom in the game. However, the current quest and reward design don't attain this effect. Instead, it makes it more difficult for newer players to learn the game and prevents them from gaining power as quickly as otherwise possible.

As such, we've reworked these to better suit our new players. These changes won't affect your current quest progress, but if you want to clear the quests available in Hero's Journey right now, we advise you do so before the Helheim update hits on June 9.

Norsemen on the Warpath

Along with the new Units of Huskarls and Varangian Guards, other Norse units will awaken to join the fight, too: Sons of Fenrir, Berserkers, and Shieldmaidens! These three units will all receive balance changes.

All three units have deep Norse characteristics and bring their unique charm to Conqueror's Blade and its world. However, these characteristics make it difficult for them to perform well in the current meta.

We'll be focusing further on their unique features and combat styles. These once glorious Norse warriors return with pomp and flair one week after the release of Helheim, on June 16

We'll also continue to improve the other systems currently in the game and keep an eye on how weapons perform, such as the Nodachi, Pike, and Poleaxe. 

We must work together to make Conqueror's Blade even greater! Please continue to make your voice heard and share your feedback with us as we continue to flesh out the game, brick by brick. Check back soon for more information on all of these improvements.