Each week of the Glorious Sun Festival heralds a new set of discounts! From now until May 12 (10:30 server time), you can enjoy a 20% discount on the following Hero and Unit Attires, Mount Sets, Weapon Skins, and Banners:

Jomsdrengr Hero Attire

Varangian Hero Attire

Winter Knight Hero Attire

Diadochi Hero Attire

Cinnabar Dragon Hero Attire

Horde Fighter Hero Attire

Blue Swan Hero Attire

Solar Order Hero Attire

Aswaran Hero Attire

Immortal Hero Attire

Overlord Hero Attire

Empyrean Order Hero Attire

Onibi Hero Attire

Royal Dragon Hero Attire

Runic Knight Hero Attire


Snow Leopard Spear

Fiery Wrath Daggers

Amethystine Short Bow

King's Justice Poleaxe

Sanguine Scorpion Bow

Knight-Banneret's Longsword & Shield

Brass Dragon Firelock Musket

Crescent Blood Moon Glaive

Thousand Souls Nodachi

Honour Guard's Ceremonial Shortsword

Windblown Mount Set

Draconic Mount Set

Chivalric Mount Set

Order Mount Set

Kiralyi Mount Set

Rubicante Mount Set

Ducal Mount Set


Golden Sun Mercenary Unit Attire

Six Blossoms Unit Attire

Fleur-de-Lys Unit Attire

Siren's Sons Unit Attire

Silver Dragons Unit Attire

Sea Devils Unit Attire

Eagle Guard Unit Attire

Eastern Outriders Unit Attire

Vadászok Unit Attire


Great Lion Banner

Twinned Trident Banner

Winged Hussars' Banner

Holy Mountain Banner

Chivalry Undivided Banner

Radiant Sun Banner

Fort Lothar Banner


Stay tuned for more discounts every Thursday, with Glorious Sun Festival celebrations such as Fortune’s Bounty, and discounted Blood of the Empire Bundles, and special events active until May 26!