The moon is out and new beginnings are on the horizon. Celebrate the Year of the Tiger with the Lunar Festival in Conqueror’s Blade between now and February 24 with moonlit celebrations, events, and sales!


Unlock exclusive rewards with the Victory Pass during the Lunar Festival! Complete daily challenges to score free rewards, and buy the special Cloud Tiger Hero Attire for access to premium tiers. Find out more about this new event Pass here and start your journey to success!


Treat yourself to Lunar Festival treasures with Golden Tiger Attire Chests! Open them to claim fabulous cosmetics, including brand-new Legendary outfits to mark the Year of the Tiger:

  • Tiger Legend Hero Attire
  • Tiger General Hero Attire
  • Fresh Steed Mount Set
  • Tiger of the Nation Unit Attire
  • And many more!


You’re in luck at this year’s Lunar Festival, as the Fortune’s Bounty event is back! Spend your Sovereigns at the in-game store before February 24 (25:59 server time) to earn Golden Tiger Attire Chests, a ‘Magic Trick’ Emote, and other exclusive bounties.



Bonus Items

500 Sovereigns

1x Golden Tiger Attire Chest

2x Rare Weapon Schematic Selections

1,000 Sovereigns

1x Golden Tiger Attire Chest

3x Large Chests of Silver (30,000 Silver Coins total)

2,000 Sovereigns

2x Golden Tiger Attire Chests

2x Royal Thistles (5,000 Glory each)

3,000 Sovereigns

2x Golden Tiger Attire Chests

5x Large Chests of Silver (50,000 Silver Coins total)

5,000 Sovereigns

3x Golden Tiger Attire Chests

10x Lotus Water

10,000 Sovereigns

5x Golden Tiger Attire Chests

5x Random Epic Artillery Chests

20,000 Sovereigns

8x Golden Tiger Attire Chests

1x 'Might of the Tiger' Epic Title

30,000 Sovereigns

10x Golden Tiger Attire Chests

1x Golden Dragon Set

50,000 Sovereigns

15x Golden Tiger Attire Chests

1x ‘Magic Trick’ Emote

To claim Fortune’s Bounty rewards, open the Activities Panel (press ‘O’) and select Activities from the top tab. Then, select Fortune’s Bounty to see which rewards you can collect and click ‘Get Reward’ to have them sent to your inventory.

IMPORTANT: Fortune’s Bounty rewards can only be earned via the in-game Store and must be claimed before February 24.


With up to 30% off Attires from The Year of the Mouse, Ox, and Tiger until February 24, you can dress to kill when you roll up to the latest Lunar Festival celebrations! 

  • Warrior Mouse Hero Attire
  • Lucky Mouse Horse Attire
  • Lion Warrior Unit Attire
  • Chiyou’s Battle Hero Attire
  • Chiyou’s Mount Set
  • Lunar Ox Unit Attire
  • Lunar Ox Unit Banner
  • Cloud Tiger Hero Attire (only available until February 17)
  • Tiger Colt Set 


Imbue your warlord and warriors with the fighting spirit of the Tiger with Lunar Festival bundles!

  • Tiger Fireworks Bundle: Light up the night sky with enough fireworks and artillery to celebrate the Lunar Festival in style!
  • Royal Thistle Bundle: Glory, glory, hallelujah! Grab Royal Thistles by the fistful and continue to receive them for a whole week!
  • Expedition Supplies: Restock for the new year with all the Bronze, Vault Keys, Marshal’s Handbooks, and Rare Artillery Chests you’ll need to fight through the night.
  • Master-at-Arms’ Supplies: Turn your luck around with Unit Medals, Glory, 1-Battle Super Unit XP Cards, and Scrolls of Renewal.
  • Military Camp Supplies: A well-stocked camp rewards a leader with good fortune, so replenish your reserves with a Personal Storage Expansion, Logistics Charters, Expansion Permits, and a Horse Trough.
  • Prospector Pack: All the resources you need, including Silver (of the Chest and Powdered varieties), siege weapons, a 30-day Premium Account, and more!
  • Spoils of War: The Spoils of War pack activates when purchased, then sends you up to seven days of daily rewards (provided you log in to claim them), totalling 70x Unit Medals and 35 1-Battle Super Unit XP Cards, along with 60 Unit Medals and 8x Marshal’s Handbooks.
  • Newcomer's Gift: New to Conqueror’s Blade? You’ll find everything you need in this bundle, including Bronze, Unit Medals, Scrolls of Renewal, 1-Battle Super Unit XP Cards, and Marshal’s Handbooks. Perfect for the Warlord in training! 

The Lunar Festival will be active until February 24. Enjoy the festivities!