As Halloween approaches, you may find yourself wondering how you can up the spook factor for this most frighteningly festive of seasons. Why not try to liaise with a ghost? There are plenty of paranormal poltergeists and scary spectres to go around, and they’d all love a chat (because, you know, they’re dead and probably bored).

We’re here to guide you on ghostly communication methods, so grab your ouija board, light some candles, and get comfy. It’s Halloween; we guess everyone’s entitled to one good scare.

Hold a Séance

If you genuinely want to communicate with the other side and have suspicions that a ghost may be roving your hallways, you can always hold a séance to pin the soul down for a chinwag. Find a reasonably priced medium (someone who can talk with the spirit world) on the internet, invite over a few of your least sceptical pals, and set up the room for a discussion with a demon.

A ouija board placed on a table with candles for ambient lighting will work; all participants must place one or two fingers on the planchette in the centre of the spirit board, and the medium will ask if any spirits would like to commune with the group. If you’re lucky, a spirit will appear and spell out their message using the planchette and confer valuable advice from the deceased, such as “don’t eat yellow snow”.

Have a Haunted Child

Possibly the most difficult, time-consuming, and expensive option of communing with the spirit world, but you could always just have a weird kid. There are hundreds if not thousands of stories on the web about people’s peculiar offspring reportedly seeing or talking to ghosts, but is there any truth to the theory that children have some connection to the other side that withers with age? There’s only one way to find out!

“I see dead people.”

- Your child, probably.

Hire Paranormal Investigators

Paranormal investigators, such as the infamous Ed and Lorraine Warren (Enfield, Amityville), purport to have evidence that the supernatural exists. Ghost hunters (as some call themselves) use many methods to commune with the dead, including night-vision cameras to capture the apparitions, or even an EMF meter, which measures electromagnetic activity (which apparently ghosts radiate). Thousands of pounds down the drain later, you may have caught a ghost on tape saying something that sounds like radio static, but which Zak Bagans swears was “leave”. Spooky, huh?

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