Available as a companion pack to our Beginner’s Guide, we’re very pleased to announce the availability of a brand new collection of Conqueror’s Blade conveniences and consumables. It’s called the Beginner's Bundle and not only is it stuffed with useful boosts and items for those starting out, the discount is such that availability is limited to one pack per account! 

Here’s what’s inside:

  • Bronze Coins (45,000) - It could take a few days to earn this much through normal play!  
  • 3-days Premium Account time - Enjoy a 30% boost to Warlord XP, Unit XP, Honor Point and Bronze Coin gain for all your characters server-wide 
  • Vault Keys (x3) - Vault Keys are a great way to earn extra crafting resources, and boost your Silver income at the same time!
  • 10-Battle Hero XP Cards (x3) - Use one of these and for the next 10 battles your warlord will earn 30% more XP!  
  • 10-Battle Unit XP Cards (x3) - Give your favourite units a 50% XP boost for 10 battles - enough for 30 epic encounters! 
  • Artillery Chests (x3) - Inside each is a powerful siege weapon eager to take down enemy fortifications!  
  • Return Orders (x3) - If you need to get back to your camp in a hurry, one of these tickets will get you there!

The Beginner's Bundle is available now via the in-game Store (press F6). Make sure you are logged in with the character who needs it the most when purchasing!