Thank you for taking the time to visit the Conqueror’s Blade website. Like a billeted army encamped on a distant hillside, it might not look like there’s much going on right now, but we can assure you that under those billowing banners and around campfire embers, preparations for the launch of Conqueror’s Blade are at an advanced stage.



Weapons are being sharpened, tactics finalised and supplies carefully stockpiled… but we could always use a few more Generals. The battles ahead will be long and bloody, requiring future leaders to be steadfast and loyal. If that sounds like you, take a look around; join the forums and follow our social media channels. If you like what you see, your blade will be proudly added to the ranks of the willing. Spread the word. All are welcome.

As with game launches, so too in war: Secrecy, preparation and timing are everything, which is why we can’t let slip exactly when the dogs of war will be unleashed, but it won’t be long until Conqueror's Blade can be freely and fully enjoyed by all. Steel yourself - the time for conquest will soon be upon us!

Before then we must send forth our brave skirmishers, the CBTs (closed beta testers), to scout for unseen issues. Access to their ranks is limited to only the hardiest souls, but if you have what it takes, you are welcome to join the vanguard and attempt to gain a headstart in the war to come.

As you plot your future career in Conqueror’s Blade you will, of course, have many questions - about your role, your abilities, weapons and equipment, your loyal troops and how best to defeat the enemy. Hopefully you will find the answers close by - in the forums or through one of the game’s social channels. If not, your questions and feedback will always be welcome.