Borderlands & Forts: Now Open!


Warlords, your armies have been rallied and your Houses have been roused in preparation to face the Borderlands and their Forts! 

From today onward, the Borderlands and all of its resources and territories are up for the taking. New territories allow for Houses to expand and grow while established Houses can migrate and trek across the borders to make new allies and challenge new foes. However, travelling through the Borderlands will be no easy feat! There are many dangers that await you, from roaming rebels to other players looking to test their skills and reap the rewards.

As the Borders have only just recently opened there will be a short time of peace between now and the Territory War on Saturday the 13th of July. We will provide more information about this in a future update.

For now, take to crossing the Border with your fellow Warlords and Housemates and start formulating your plan of attack!