In the community, we often see players who are new to Conqueror’s Blade saying “I like Conqueror’s Blade very much, but I don’t understand how to play and I don’t know how to catch up with veteran players”. We also see veteran players mentioning that “it’s really hard to play with inexperienced new players in battle”. We have to admit that Conqueror’s Blade is a game that requires more game content and skill to be mastered and has a certain amount of time required to get started, and player feedback has only backed up these feelings. We hope that the Hero’s Journey system can help new players grow, understand the game step by step, and better their experience of Conqueror’s Blade.

We hope that through the Hero’s Journey, new players can enjoy the game in a more positive way by knowing what to do, where to go, and how to do it. After completing each mission objective in the Hero’s Journey, you will receive appropriate rewards to help you progress faster.

Hero’s Journey has undergone several revisions since its launch, but there are still some problems for us to solve:

  • Task completion is too fast
    • At present, the pace of completion of some tasks is too fast, and the tasks in the middle and later stages of the Hero’s Journey are even faster, resulting in a lot of players completing challenges without experiencing the content, which does not help new players understand and familiarise themselves with some of the gameplay elements of the game.
  • The rewards do not match the task content
    • The current rhythm of reward acquisition for some of the Hero’s Journey tasks and the main story quest line do not match the environment the layer is in or their familiarity with the game. As a result, players may obtain content that they do not yet understand, and may obtain excessive or insufficient reward content which affects their learning experience.

Therefore, we will be making adjustments to the following when Helheim goes live:

  • Adjusting the task rhythm: Changing the opening level of some systems and adjusting the task order and task difficulty of Hero’s Journey. Making the tasks have a more suitable difficulty and rhythm. The mission difficulty of some tasks will be increased, especially in the middle and late stages.
  •  Adjusting the reward content: Changing the rewards according to the adjusted tasks, character growth progression and game familiarity to match the character’s growth experience. In the main quest, the main quest rewards for completing specific stages of the Hero’s Journey will be reduced and the main quest rewards corresponding to completing all stages of the Hero’s Journey will be greatly increased.

With the adjustments, we will ensure:

  • The amount of overall reward content for Hero’s Journey and Main Quests remain the same.
  • Before the launch of the Helheim season, all players will still be able to complete their existing Hero’s Journey and complete them quickly for full rewards.
  • After the adjustment goes live, the player’s completed hero’s journey progress will not be reset.

In the future, we will continue to make adjustments to the guidance system, rewards and other content for players growth and we will also make corresponding announcements before the adjustment, so that everyone can arrange the game rhythm according to their own conditions. We look forward to continuing tweaks to make sure players have a better experience and breathe life into the game environment.