Han is the leader of the largest alliance on the EU west server by player count 335, the only alliance over 300 players, and by fief count, currently 20. We are looking for players who are active and can participate in Territory Wars on Tuesdays and Saturdays. We don't expect a 100% participation but we would like players to be there for as many TW as possible.

Joining a house give you benefits like:
Land to farm on without tax in house territory and 20% tax in allied territory.
Tribute pay out on Sunday which includes Silver, unit kit boxes and Skill pages.
Hebao, which is our capital, is lvl 6 almost lvl 7 which means you can craft most things.

We ask you to be active and participate in as many wars as possible and be on discord, at least during TW and inform us in advance if you cannot be a part of a certain TW. We have very few spots left so if many apply we will have to select the ones we like the most or think will blend in the best, not the highest lvls.