MY.GAMES Tournament Guidelines

Welcome to all the Warlords out there! Do you have a strong passion for battle and a head filled with ideas on how players could joust to gain awesome prizes then what you need is to create your very own tournament!

Table of Contents:

Hosting Eligibility
• MY.GAMES Policies
• Coverage

• Planning
• Submitting Your Tournament
• Review + Approval
• Promotions
• Preparing the Server for the Tournament
• Executing the Tournament


Hosting Eligibility

Hosting a tournament is not something that we offer to any player in the community. This is a privilege reserved for our Content Creators, Moderators and select members of the Conqueror’s Blade community.

You must be a highly active member of the community in order to be eligible to host a tournament on the Tournament server.

Please be aware of the following:

  • MY.GAMES reserves the right to withdraw the privilege of hosting tournaments from anyone for any reason. If you do decide to host a tournament, do it well, because we will not allow tournaments to become a source of toxicity or negativity in the community.
  • We expect tournament hosts to cover specific aspects of the tournament by themselves. MY.GAMES will only assist with the Tournament server, promotions & advertising and by sponsoring the tournament with prizes.
  • Tournaments hosts will not receive any form of compensation for hosting a tournament.


Define the “backbone“ of your project. Specifically, what type of tournament will it be. You must provide a full breakdown of the tournament structure. For example:

  • Single round elimination? Best of 3? Double knockout?
  • Will it be a duel tournament? 15v15 siege? 3v3 field battle?
  • What units will be allowed? Can artillery be used?
  • Is it an on-going league?
  • Will training rooms be required? No for Duel Tournaments, Yes for Siege/Field Tournaments.

These details are important! Several community tournaments have already been created, so do not hesitate to reach out to them for some ideas.

Important Notes:

  • Territory Wars cannot be used as the game mode for the tournament.
  • We cannot implement any new game modes nor can we “turn on” past special events for the tournament.


A tournament cannot be limited to a closed group of players. For example, it shouldn’t be limited to only your friends, House members, Alliance members, etc. It must be open to as many players as possible. Try to include all the communities.

It’s important to remember that the Tournament server is its own server. Therefore, you can open your tournament to players from any server. However, the number of participants during a tournament cannot exceed 150 players including broadcasters.

Important Notes: 

  • Players will be able to log into the Tournament server from the in-game Server Select screen. This will ensure that players who play the game via Steam will be able to access the server.
  • We cannot have two or more tournaments happening simultaneously on the Tournament server. Only one at a time.


Define the full ruleset for your tournament. Remember, you are the one responsible for ensuring all rules and guidelines are set in stone before submitting your project to the Community staff members, and that the rules are respected during the tournament. Some things to remember:

  • Consider all potential results & scenarios. What happens in the event of a tie? What are the tiebreakers?
  • What happens if a team loses a player due to a crash or other unforeseen circumstance?
  • How will you make sure no one is violating the rules? What happens if someone is caught violating the rules?
  • Who has ultimate authority for match disputes?
  • Rules should include limitations if applicable. For example, if certain units can’t be used the rules should clearly indicate that.
  • Tournaments are made to be a fun way to interact with the whole community so make sure to keep that in mind but, in the end, skill should determine the winner(s) of your tournament
  • Again, there have been many community tournaments therefore please feel free to reach out to previous tournament hosts for their experiences.

MY.GAMES Policies

  • MY.GAMES is a sponsor only. We are not responsible for the execution of the tournament beyond giving necessary users access to the Tournament server and setting up the participants’ accounts.
  • You cannot promote companies, service, or products from prohibited categories including, but not limited to, other game companies, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, weapons, pornography or anything else that is found objectionable by MY.GAMES. This prohibits you from obtaining any of the aforementioned companies, services, or products as sponsors of the tournament. MY.GAMES reserves the right to add new prohibited categories, and the right to determine if a company, product or service falls into a prohibited category at its sole discretion. “Promotion” includes, but is not exclusively limited to, physical or digital logo placements either in-venue or in broadcast, video content, the sale or gifting of prohibited products and services categories or the social media promotion of said products and services.
  • MY.GAMES will ensure that characters on the Tournament server will be sufficiently supplied with necessary currencies, gear, units, skills & items, WITHIN REASON, on the Tournament server. Be warned that we will not provide accounts + characters with vanity items on the Tournament server.
  • MY.GAMES will advertise the tournament to encourage participation. Advertising includes website article(s), website main promo image, GameCenter pop-up, social media posts, and Discord announcement.
  • We may also, at times, be able to host the tournament stream on the Official Conqueror’s Blade Twitch channel.
  • We want tournaments and events to be fair and fun. We'll take appropriate action, including suspending or cancelling tournaments and events if need be.
  • Mods and CMs can help with general questions and/or concerns, so don’t hesitate to reach out to them.
  • Community tournaments cannot be monetized. This means you cannot seek / have additional sponsors to provide prizes and/or any type of compensation for the content you produce as a result of the tournament.
  • Tournament cannot be used to promote other products, goods or services


  • MY.GAMES will provide all prizes for tournaments on the Tournament server and will therefore have final say on what the prizes will be for each tournament. Though we will gladly review any and all proposals for prizing from creators. Please refer to the Prizing calculator.
  • Prizes will generally come in the form of codes that can only be redeemed on Players with Mail.Ru accounts cannot activate giveaway codes, they will need to contact the Tournament Host with their User ID, character name and server alongside their winning code, the rewards will then be directly credited to their character.
  • Any misuse of the codes handed out as prizes / rewards for your tournament might lead to sanctions / disciplinary actions.
  • Be aware that we will not be adding any attire/skins/mounts or other custom items to the game for tournament prizes. Simply put, we need to work with what we have.
  • Creators are free to make their own prizes for the tournament, but they will be solely responsible for delivering those prizes.
  • Tournament prizes / prize pools will be determined by the overall value of the prizes (refer to the Prizing calculator below). The maximum prize values will be dependent on the tournament format and the number of expected players participating in the tournament.
  • Please note that the prizes will likely need to continue to be defined as creators execute new and different types of tournaments. Below is an example of the standard prizes:
    • Duel Tournaments:
      • 1st place: 2300 Sovereigns
      • 2nd place: 1100 Sovereigns
      • 3rd place: 30-days Premium Status
      • 4th place: 525 Sovereigns
      • 5th place: 7-days Premium Status
  • Prizes will evolve. We will start slow and as we see more participation we may choose to increase or evolve the prizes.


  • Tournaments must be broadcasted. NO SILENT STREAMS! Must have a commentator!
  • Spectator Mode will be available to broadcasters. It will have both a locked camera with the ability to view different players and a free roam camera
  • Should you prefer directing your tournament from the shadows, don’t worry, we have a lot of Content Creators in every region that can stream or record videos! Be sure to reach out to your fellow creators for their help.
  • Upon request, we are happy to re-host tournament streams on the Official Conqueror’s Blade Twitch channel. Please note that we cannot host mature rated streams on our channel.



  • Take the time to thoroughly plan out your tournament structure and full rule set.
  • Take into consideration all the guidelines & policies above.
  • Make sure you have the capacity and organizational ability to plan and host large tournaments.
  • Determine what functionality you’re going to need access to. For example, does your tournament require training rooms? Who will be using the spectator mode?
  • Determine how many prizes you’d like the tournament to have. This is particularly important because we have a limited variety of prizes available and in limited quantities. Refer to PRIZING section above.

Submitting Your Tournament

  • When you’re ready, submit your proposal for a tournament to Drew, the Influencer Manager via email or Discord direct message.
  • Your proposal should be as detailed as possible. At minimum it should include:
    • Name & date of the tournament
    • How participants can sign up
    • Tournament structure
    • Tournament rules
    • Broadcasting plan
    • Where players can find results (i.e.
    • Any other necessary information
  • Proposals should be submitted, at minimum, three (3) weeks (21 days) before the tournament is slated to begin. This will allow sufficient time to advertise the tournament and give players every opportunity to sign up to participate. Additionally, we need time to ensure the Tournament server is set up with the latest build.

Review + Approval

  • Remember that submissions must be submitted at minimum, three (3) weeks (21 days) before the tournament is slated to begin.
  • Conqueror’s Blade staff will review the proposal within seven (7) days but we highly recommend that when you submit a proposal you inform staff that you have submitted a proposal via Discord direct message.
  • If the proposal is approved, staff will work with you to: Lock down prizing, set up promotions & execute the tournament.
  • If the proposal is rejected, staff will provide you with the reason why.


  • Staff will work with you to set up promotions.
  • Refer to the MY.GAMES Policies section above for a full list of promotions we can offer.

Preparing the Server for the Tournament

  • MY.GAMES will take the necessary steps to ensure the Tournament server is set up with the same build that is currently on the Live server.
  • Shortly before the tournament is scheduled to begin, the tournament host must provide MY.GAMES with the list of participants and their information including each players:
  • Shortly before the tournament begins, we will provide participants with access to the Tournament server.

Executing the Tournament

  • As stated above, shortly before the tournament is scheduled to begin we will grant all participants access to the Tournament server.
  • Participants will be required to create a new character when they gain access to the server regardless of whether they had an existing character or not. Creating a new character will ensure they receive the currencies / items for the tournament.
  • Once the characters are set up, the tournament host is responsible for the rest of the tournament execution in its entirety. It is, as they say, your party.
  • Be aware that staff may or may not be available to address any technical or server issues that may arise during the tournament.

Create a Character

  • When you join the Tournament server to participate in a tournament, you will need to create a new character even if you have a character on the server from a previous tournament.
  • When you create your character it will be automatically levelled up to level 100 allowing you to access all features/functionality in the game.
  • Check Your Inventory: Your inventory will contain a number of items/gear/currencies. Take some time to check and equip the items to ensure your character is set up for the Tournament.
  • Set Up Your Units: We will be unlocking / giving you all units at max level. Take some time to set them up.
  • In the Tutorial Area, head to Sir Sigismund the Bold (found near the big gate to the north of the map) and choose the region the Tournament Host has specified in the Tournament details.

Creating a Custom Lobby

  • Please note: Your account must be flagged as a Lobby Creator when we set up your character on the server, if you plan to have multiple matches happening at a single time, please list the IDs who need this access separately. Be aware that a maximum of four (4) players can be flagged as a Lobby Creator for any given tournament.
  • All participants and the Host should start in the same region.
  • Head to the Sheriff and press F.
  • Select “Custom Lobbies”
  • Select “Create Lobby”
  • Enter Password: Password will be provided to you via direct message
  • Fill out the following details:
    • Lobby Name
    • Lobby Password (If the Lobby needs to lock out other players)
    • Map
    • Weather Effect
      • Some weather effects do not look good on some maps. Please check your setup before you start your Tournament.
  • Once details are filled out, select “Create Lobby”
  • Your lobby has been created and players are able to join. From here you can make further configurations:
    • Settings
      • “Allow changing sides” - You can allow players to change themselves to Attackers or Defenders.
      • “Random Side” - If this is selected, when the Battle starts the Attack and Defending side will be random.
      • “Disable Doctrines” - This will allow you to turn off all Doctrine effects for your lobby
      • “Change Password” - Allows you to change the password for your lobby.
    • Attackers / Defenders / Spectators
      • Select the player and then select “Swap Side” if you want them on the opposing Team.
      • Select the player and then select “Spectator” if you want them to be spectating the match.

Joining a Custom Lobby

Accessing Training Rooms (These details should be shared with your participants)

  • All participants and the Host should start in the same region.
    • Head to the Sheriff and press F.
    • Select “Custom Lobbies”
    • Find the Lobby the Host has asked you to join and select “Join Battle”.
    • The host will either move you to a specific side of have you join a side

Accessing Spectator Mode

    • Once you are in a Lobby, have the Host move you to the Spectator slot (instructions above).
    • When in a match:
      • Spectators are able to spectate all players in the battle.
      • Press “Z” to follow players around the map.
      • Press “Z” again allows you to go into “Eagle Eye” mode..
      • Press “Right-mouse Click” to switch between players.
      • Press “Alt” to toggle on the Mouse Cursor.
      • Press “X” toggles you into Free Camera mode. You can exit Free Camera mode by pressing “Z”.
        • Scroll forward on your mouse wheel to speed up the camera movement.
        • Scroll backwards on your mouse wheel to slow down the camera movement.
    • Note: You can move the camera below the map. Do not go below the map during Streams/Broadcasts/Videos.

After the Tournament

  • The tournament host will be responsible for providing both MY.GAMES and the tournament participants with the results of the tournament including publishing a full winners list.
  • MY.GAMES will provide the prizes to the tournament host and it will be their responsibility to deliver those prizes to the winners.
  • MY.GAMES may publish an article to advertise the tournament results, but this is not always guaranteed. 

That's everything you need to create your very own Conqueror’s Blade tournament!