Season V Patch Notes

22/10/2020 - update


  • Activated “The Vengeful Dead” PVE Map.
  • Activated the Halloween Sign-in Event.
  • Activated Halloween Decorations in the capital cities (Turul Város, Diacheng and Reginopolis)
  • Activated Halloween Cosmetics in the in-game store:
    • Gilded Shaman Hero Attire
    • Plague Doctor Hero Attire
    • Plague Mount Attire
    • Revenant Unit and Unit Horse Attire



  • Improved the visual display of titles in crowded areas.
  • Added more variety to the design of different rarity titles to make them stand out more visually.
  • Increased the range at which players can send units to the Supply Points with the new “CTRL” feature.
  • Updated functionality on how often Battle-wide Notifications are displayed, in addition to updating the requirements necessary to trigger them.



  • Added a temporary solution to the Watchman in Segnia. You are now able to use this singular watchman to enter both Anadolou and The Borderlands.

  • Resolved an issue where the Unit Challenges for Season II: Wrath of the Nomads granted Seasonal Currency for previous Seasons. It will now grant 10 General Unit Medals.

  • Resolved an issue where, in the Liangyun Region, Mingyu and surrounding resource sites would disappear under certain circumstances.
  • Resolved an issue where No-Man’s Town’s location was incorrect.
  • Resolved an issue where the ability graph for Rattan Rangers, Fire Lance Cavalry and Cataphract Lancers were not displayed correctly.
  • Increased the Stats in the tooltip for the Strong Bay Mare to match its functionality.
  • Resolved errors with the construction of siege equipment in some cities in Liangyun and Unverija:
    • Liangyun:
      • Gaoda: Added Well-Made Ballista and Optimal Hwacha Launcher
      • Louge: Added Optimal Grapeshot Cannon
    • Unverija:
      • Hadur Város: Added Optimal Mortar
      • Gyoma: Added Well-Made Scorpio
      • Kiralyfalva: Added Optimal Culverin
      • Méhkerék: Added Well-Made Mortar
      • Hévíz: Added Well-Made Mortar


19/10/2020 - update



  • Resolved an issue where Outpost and Field Camp descriptions in the open-world were cut off.
  • Resolved an issue where different levels (I, II and III) of the Bow’s Marksman skill displayed no cooldown time regardless of the level in the description of the skill.
  • Updated the Campaign UI to include correct dates.


13/10/2020 - Season V: Legacy of Fire update


  • Added a new region: Anadolou
  • Added 4 new Units (two brand new, and two promotions), which are available from Season V Unit Challenges, these units will enjoy a Seasonal bonus which decreases their Leadership requirements by 10 and their is a 50% decrease to Unit Kit resupply:
    • 3-Star: Zykalian Militia
    • 4-Star: Symmachean Stalwarts
    • 4.5-Star: Symmachean Paladins
    • 5-Star: Siphonarioi
  • Activated the following Season V Content:
    • Seasonal Levels
    • Seasonal Unit Challenges for Season V
    • Weekly Challenges
    • Campaign
    • Season V Battle Pass
    • Season V Battle Pass Bundle
    • Seasonal Store
    • Hero’s Journey



Introduced a promotion system for select units once unlocked via Unit Challenges:

  • Spear Sergeants can be promoted to Symmachean Stalwarts
  • Men-at-Arms can be promoted to Symmachean Paladins

You can promote the unit by heading to the Spear Sergeants or Men-at-Arms in your Barracks and selecting the “Promote” button.

When promoting a unit, your unit will retain the following:

  • Level
  • Career Data
  • Doctrine Pool
  • Veterancy Points

Promoted Units cannot be reverted back to their original state.



Set in the distant past, Season V follows a campaign by the Kingdom of Empyros and their makeshift militia, the Symmachean Brotherhood, as they march across the land of Anadolou. Located south of Ungverija and home to many port towns, it’s the first new region to be introduced since the launch of Conqueror’s Blade. Here, players will be able to retrace the steps of a reckless campaign that sparked the rise of the Anadolou Empire!.

The following changes will take place on launch of Season V:

  • Ostaria and Maoyang have been removed from the world map.
  • Choose between one of two starting regions: Unverija or Liangyun.
  • Items you are selling in the Market of Ostaria, the Borderlands or Maoyang will appear as resource piles in the safe zone of your chosen starting region.


The region of Anadolou is divided by a vast ocean and many areas are difficult to reach by land. However, you can cross the ocean by visiting the many ports to quickly reach your destination.

Ports are unique locations on the World Map, and the routes available to and from each harbour differs. To use these, you simply have to pay a fee in Bronze Coin, and then select your destination. There are three parts to the fee: seafaring, docking, and transport. The seafaring and docking fees depend on the ports you sail to and from, whereas the transport fee depends on the amount of resources and units you bring as well as the length of the journey.

There are currently two types of ports:

  • Trade Ports: These are mainly used for trading and large-scale transport and are symbolised on the world map with a full anchor. Traveling from one of these enables you to avoid many of the dangers at sea, and you therefore will not lose any resources or units on the journey. Trade ports also have an abundance of routes to choose from, making it easier to reach the destination you want to go to. Each trade port belongs to a specific city and will belong to the house that currently occupies that city. The occupying house may adjust the ports settings, method and resource collection fees for seafaring and docking. Part of these fees will be added to the city's dividends. What's more, the house may also choose whether or not non-house members can use the port.
  • Fishing Ports: These are small ports mainly used for smuggling and are symbolised on the world map with a half-anchor. They tend to have few destinations available and embarking from a fishing port comes at a risk. You may lose resources and units may die on the journey. Fishing Ports cannot be occupied by players and will always remain neutral, available for all to use.

Trading Posts

Sea trade and transport is highly developed in Anadolou, which has given rise to a unique type of fief. Trading Posts tend to appear near and around cities in Anadolou, at these locations you can spend Silver Coins to procure extremely rare commodities available only in limited quantities: exotic trade goods, rare kits, and valuable artilleries from other regions. Owing to how trade works, each trade post will host its own unique stock of commodities, and should the same commodity appear in different Trading Posts the price is likely to differ. There is also a great difference in the time it takes for different Trading Posts to restock their goods.


Within the new region of Anadolou, the towns, forts, and villages will be of a different style from previous regions.







During previous seasons, stalemates on the various fronts have detracted from the Territory War experience.  Part of the reason is because of something that was overlooked in our original design regarding how Ruling House system functioned, due to this we made the following changes:

  • When declaring war against and capturing Subfiefs or camps, Houses will gain influence in that region. The House with the highest influence in that region will become the Ruling House. If two houses in the region have an equal amount of Influence, the House which first declared war will be Ruling House.

Region Influence can be gained in the following ways:

  • Creating an Outpost: These grant a ton of Influence, and you can only create one per region.
  • Creating a Field Camp: These grant a small amount of Region Influence, and no matter how many camps a House builds in a region, they may only gain the influence for one.
  • Occupying Subfiefs: Refers to functional fiefs within the Region, namely Resource Sites, Trading Posts and Ports.
  • Fiefs also grant a different amount of Region Influence depending on their size. The types and quantity of Subfiefs also differ for towns, forts, and villages.

The battles for Subfiefs follow the same rules as those of Field Camps: 15v15 battles with one battlefront. During Territory Wars, the ownership of Subfiefs is set apart from towns, forts and villages. Capturing a fief will not grant you ownership of Subfiefs in that region.

Once Territory War has ended, the ownership of Subfiefs will fall to the house that owns that fief.

Should a house's camp be destroyed or a Subfief be captured in the region, a corresponding amount of Influence will be deducted. When your camp Outpost or Field Camp is occupied by anyone who did not construct it, it will be destroyed.

There is half an hour (30 minutes) of preparation time before Territory War begins (between 19:30 to 20:00 on EU servers, and 17:30 to 18:00 on NA server) During this time only Subfiefs and Field Camps can be contested for. Cities, forts, and villages cannot be contested for during this time.

Ruling House Duration:

  • Once the war preparation is over, the house with the highest Influence in the region takes command over the first Territory War fief battle.
  • Thereinafter, the house with the highest Influence in the region after each battle will assume command in the following battle.



All Warlords

Improved the animation for when Warlords are downed in battle.

Shortsword & Shield:

Resolved an issue where the skill “Shielded Charge” would knock enemies back when it shouldn’t.


  • Resolved an issue where the skill “Strike and Grapple” could grab enemies when they were hiding amongst their soldiers.


In Season IV, Bow Warlords used stamina to draw their bow and required a lot more stamina than other weapons. Bow Warlords are required to constantly roll and sprint away to dodge melee opponents, both of which require stamina, this posed a problem to the mechanic change we made in Season IV as many Bow Warlords were unable to fight or get away from their enemies in time due to a lack of stamina because they had used that Stamina on shooting their opponents. To attempt to remedy this issue, we have made it so when you hit an enemy, stamina is replenished (headshots will replenish even more stamina).

We have also added a Stamina meter next to the reticle in the center of the screen to help Bow Warlords identify how much stamina they have remaining at a quick glance.

The “Marksman” skill, in Season IV granted you piercing damage and armour penetration buffs for a certain time period when used, we felt that it was somewhat lackluster and have decided to make some changes to make it more impactful to use in battle. The skill will now instead affect your next non-charged up shot within 15 seconds (including half-charged shots) and boost its power to that of a fully charged shot. This will be shown via a UI prompt on the screen.

Short Bow:

We felt in Season IV that the Short Bow wasn’t as interesting as we wanted it to be, therefore we have made the following changes:

  • Normal shots will now fire in sets of three. Every third shot will have increased power, and the third shot’s damage, trajectory and animation have been improved.

Dodging with short bow

In previous Seasons the Short Bow has a unique mechanic where when dodging you would receive an Armour Piercing buff (increases piercing damage and armour penetration), which could be stacked up to 3 times, each skill consumed one stack. We noticed that players were dodging even when not in melee combat simply to gain stacks, this meant that the Short Bow Warlords had over tuned blunt damage multipliers for their basic melee attacks and this led to them dealing more damage than expected and made them overly powerful in melee combat despite being a ranged class. Due to this we are making the following changes:

  • Every third shot will be more powerful, dealing increased piercing damage and will have a more stable trajectory. Hitting a target will also grant a stack of Armour Piercing.
  • Reduced the blunt damage multiplier for basic melee attacks but added some bonus blunt damage.

This will allow Short Bows to have more or less unchanged damage on lower levels but keep their damage on higher levels to a number more in line with our design expectations.

We've reduced the blunt damage multiplier for melee basic attacks but added some bonus blunt damage. This will allow short bows to have more or less unchanged damage on lower levels but keeps their damage on higher levels to a number more in line with our design expectations.

We have also improved the UI by adding a UI display for the number of stacks you currently have. Animation for Male Short Bow Warlords has also been improved.



Brace Formation:

In ancient warfare, each weapon was created with a particular length based on their use, which made the spear somewhat weak when used at a too close of range, taking that into account we have decided to make the following changes:

When in Brace formation, the minimum distance required equals the size of around two people, and they no longer attack and deal damage within this range.

This change affects the following units:

  • Village Watchmen
  • Demesne Pikemen
  • Pike Militia
  • Imperial Pike Guards
  • Fortebraccio Pikemen

Fire and Burn Mechanics:

In Season IV, fire and burn debuffs were only applied by specific fire skills and could only be offset by having fire-resistant units. Fire and burn effects had no effect on fire-resistant units and heroes would simply roll to reduce the duration of burn effects. This made fire very easy to deal with. With the introduction of Season V, we are releasing two new fire-related units (the Zykalian Militia and Siphonarioi), due to this we’ve decided to redesign how fire and burn mechanics work.

  • Burn debuffs will no longer be simply “burning” or “not burning”, but it can be stacked to increase potency.
  • If a unit or a Warlord is attacked by a fire attack, they will take minor fire damage as well as damage over time.
  • Once they have been the target of repeated fire attacks, the damage over time will intensify, dealing massive damage as they are set ablaze.
  • [Fireproof] has been changed to [Fire Resistant], and fire-resistant units will be capable of withstanding greater amounts of fire attacks before being set ablaze.
  • Once a Warlord is set ablaze, they can roll to reduce the damage over time burn duration.
  • The Rain debuff will make it more difficult for normal fire damage to set ablaze enemies while it is raining.


We’ve added a hotkey for interacting with Supply Points. You can now interact with Supply Points you have occupied by pressing the CTRL key. This will enable players to resupply units quicker than before.


While underground on the Reginopolis map, the minimap will change to reflect the underground segment of the map, making it more interactive and easier to navigate.



Titles and Title Rarities:

We’ve improved how titles are displayed, in addition to adding rarities to titles, with their appearance changing to depending on the rarity.

Please note: Some titles rarities are not final and are subject to change (namely, previous Conqueror’s City winners’ titles and Founders Pack titles will be upgraded). This will happen in a future patch.

Battle-wide Notifications:

When you slay enemies in battle, an on-screen notification will appear for your enemies and allies making them aware of your successful feat, for example triple-killing enemies during a battle.

Seasonal Doctrine Changes:

It has come to our attention that the acquisition and usage of Seasonal Doctrines wasn’t well received during Season IV, this is why we’ve decided to make the following improvements:

Should a unit have a permanent doctrine with the same ability as the seasonal doctrine, yet with a weaker effect, the following will take effect: Equipping this doctrine will grant the same bonus as is given when equipping the seasonal doctrine (even without equipping the seasonal doctrine). This increased effect will last for as long as the seasonal doctrine is valid. For example, if you have a Permanent Doctrine equipped that gives your unit 100 health and you have a Seasonal Doctrine which gives a unit 50 health in the same unit, your equipped 100 health will gain a bonus of 50 health (150 health in total) for the duration until the Seasonal Doctrine expires.

Should a unit have a permanent doctrine with the same ability, and of an equal or greater effect than that of the seasonal doctrine, the following will take effect: Equipping this doctrine will grant the bonus effect of the doctrine's next level (even without equipping the seasonal doctrine). This increased effect will last for as long as the seasonal doctrine is valid.

New Seasonal Doctrines:

For Season V, we've also improved upon seasonal doctrines, making them more akin to an improvement of existing doctrines. We've also added unique doctrine abilities for some units. As we continue to improve the game, we will do our best to further improve seasonal doctrines, but some of these you might have to find out yourself.

Seasonal Doctrine Drop Changes

During Season V, seasonal doctrines can now be obtained from some daily quests, weekly quests, war point gifts, season challenge progress rewards, weekly Ranked Battle win rewards, and weekly title rewards. We'll be keeping an eye on seasonal doctrine drops to ensure that it works as intended and that it feels enjoyable.

Tutorial Improvements:

With Season V, we have reworked the tutorial by simplifying it in its entirety and focusing it more on combat. We have also reworked the main questline and better differentiated the tutorial quests. This makes it easier for new players to work towards their goals and makes it easier to understand new functions and game modes.

To aid novice Warlords in familiarizing themselves with the game, and to grow at a more rapid pace, we’ve made a new function “Hero’s Path” available in this Season. Warlords can pass the four paths of the “Hero’s Journey”: [Path of Valour], [Path or Faith], [Path of Justice], and [Path of Wisdom], upon completion, new corresponding challenges will become available, during these trials, each Warlord will gradually  get access to the various functions and game modes within the game. Warlord’s will also get weapons, units and more to make them stronger to allow them to take part in content such as Territory War.

Veterans are also invited to take part in the “Hero’s Journey” and complete the paths to repeat the rewards, to do this, complete the quest from the Watchman and open the panel with F4.