Someone needs to stand against chaos, and troops are gathering from all walks of life to fight the new threat. Today, we’ll be looking at the third and final new Unit joining the rebellion in Season IX: Tyranny, an explosive band of highly-trained and powerful troops from the East: the Shenji Grenadiers (5-Star).

These well-equipped ordnance experts possess high-precision firearms in the form of elite muskets. Thunder may appear to roll across the battlefield, but it is actually the sound of the Shenji Grenadier’s weapons clapping.

Along with their powerful muskets, the Shenji Grenadiers live up to their incendiary name with bomb-throwing skills that can cause blast injuries to any foes in their wake.

We initially revealed Shenji Grenadiers as a Unit that we intended to have joined the Unit Tree during Season VIII: Dynasty. Though it’s taken longer than expected for these Eastern warriors to gain some traction, we’re happy to announce that in addition to being unlockable via Seasonal Challenges, you will also be able to unlock Shenji Grenadiers using Honour via the Unit Tree later in Season IX.

Defy evil with this elite 5-Star Unit in Conqueror’s Blade in Season IX: Tyranny, launching on September 28.