Territory Wars have formed the most important end-game content in Conqueror’s Blade for eight Seasons, but they haven’t been without their issues. With the release of Season IX: Tyranny, Territory Wars will be changing for the better. With the Tyrant’s armies on the rise threatening the Borderlands, we will be making significant adjustments to how these server-wide PvP battles work, especially for newer players.


One of the first improvements to Territory Wars in Season IX will include a revamp of the Prestige system. Prestige will no longer be the currency that Houses can exchange for actions, but will instead be a rating of that House’s growth. A House with high Prestige will gain the authority to command forces in battle. A House acting as the Ruling House will see their Prestige take a hit if the war ends in defeat, if they throw the battle, or if they simply escape.

Actions that increase a House's Prestige will include:

  • Preparing your forces for war
  • Expanding your territory
  • Erecting buildings and cities
  • Maintaining stability in your territory

 Actions that reduce a House's Prestige will include:

  • Fleeing when the enemy is at your gates
  • Launching assaults but ultimately withdrawing
  • Unrest within your fiefs, or losing your fiefs

Declaring legitimate wars will no longer reduce your Prestige. However, excessive declaration of wars and unrestrained expansion will reduce it.

Area Influence will also no longer feature in the reformed Territory Wars. Instead, the right of command will be bestowed upon Houses that have declared war based on their Prestige.


Along with the changes to how players participate in Territory Wars, we will also change the way NPC Houses (Cohorts) engage in battles for their fiefs.

During Territory Wars, the leading Alliance of each region will battle within their zone of command by attacking enemies nearing their fiefs to protect their territory, or by seeking expansion. They will also seek Alliances with nearby friendly forces.

Warlords of the Imperial Restorationists may send their own forces to bolster their allies to take out their foes' fiefs, or strike against the player-controlled Houses. If their war rally is successful, the leading force of that Alliance's army will command the next fief battle and lead tens of thousands of troops in an assault.

Once a war rally begins, the leading force will request aid from the Imperial Restorationists. Leading forces will issue war rallies against nearby fiefs within their zone of command, and once Warlords of the Imperial Restorationists (or others thirsty for war) join in, the war rally's target is set. After a period of time, the allied army will march toward the fief.

Naturally, player-controlled Houses are bound to respond upon seeing such a vast army on the march. They might come from any direction to strike at or prevent the allied army from advancing. Once the army reaches the fief, it will begin erecting simple siege camps and preparing artilleries.

Should player-controlled Houses fail to prevent the army from finishing their preparations, the leading force commanding the army will become the commander of the next siege battle for this fief. They will then earn power over that region's people.

The Territory War and Open World Reset will occur at the start of Season IX on September 28 (after maintenance). For more information, check out the page here.

For more information on Territory Wars, check out our guide here, and prepare for your next battle for the Conqueror’s City at the end of the Season. Territory Wars will begin on October 2 and will run every Tuesday and Saturday throughout Season IX: Tyranny.