Buckle up, because lots of quality of life changes and improvements are coming to Conqueror’s Blade when Season IX: Tyranny drops on September 28. Read up on the information below and prepare to raise your rebellion while enjoying these improved features. 

Changes to Hero Skills 

With the launch of Season IX: Tyranny, we’re changing the way weapon skills work. Skill Pages will no longer be required to unlock and upgrade ultimate skills. Instead, they will now be unlocked with Mastery Points.

As Skill Pages will no longer be needed to unlock ultimate skills, all Skill Pages spent on unlocking them in previous seasons will be returned, and a Skill Page Exchange Event will begin (check the items you can exchange by clicking ‘O’). 

During the Skill Page Exchange Event, players can change all previously spent and all currently owned Skill Pages to the following: 

  • Attire Chests
  • Mastery Points
  • Bronze Coins
  • Unit Medals 
  • Honour

Unused Skill Pages will be converted into Skill Points when the exchange event ends, and Skill Pages will no longer be obtainable. In modes where Skill Pages are a reward (such as Deathmatch), you will earn Mastery Points instead.

Changes to Honour & Unit Trees

Gaining Honour is one of the most prestigious things a Warlord can do in Conqueror’s Blade, and accumulating it contributes directly to unlocking units in the Unit Tree. 

In Season IX, there will be a few adjustments to how you create your elite army.

  • The order of Unit Tree nodes will be adjusted by moving attribute bonus nodes further down the line, meaning you can acquire and use Units earlier. Honour Reset Tokens will be returned to players based on their character level.

Changes to Crafting & Schematics 

Crafting and forging equipment often proves difficult for some players. To aid this endeavour in Season IX, schematic types will be merged with new items.

All Uncommon and Rare weapons schematics will be merged into a single schematic (and the same goes for armours).

Schematics in your inventory will be changed to the corresponding replacements and sent to your Mail.

Uncommon Helmet Schematic

Uncommon Armour Schematics

Uncommon Cuirass Schematic

Uncommon Glove Schematic

Uncommon Boots Schematic

Rare Helmet Schematic

Rare Armour Schematic

Rare Cuirass Schematic

Rare Glove Schematic

Rare Boots Schematic

Mountain Guard Schematic

Uncommon Weapon Schematics

Grim Reaper Glaive Schematic

Heartfinder Longsword & Shield Schematic

Crow's Beak Poleaxe Schematic

Boar Spear Schematic

Godcutter Nodachi Schematic

Viper's Tooth Schematic

Old Brimstone Musket Schematic

Volley Bow Schematic

Green Death Short Bow Schematic

Fatebringer Dual Blades Schematic

Pulveriser Schematic

Silver-Inlaid Scimitar Schematic

Rare Weapon Schematics

Burner Glaive Schematic

Dragon Blood Longsword & Shield Schematic

Punisher Poleaxe Schematic

Beastkiller Spear Schematic

Bannshou Nodachi Schematic

Starpiercer Pike Schematic

Thunderer Musket Schematic

Double Recurve Bow Schematic

Wind Catcher Short Bow Schematic

King's Woe Dual Blades Schematic

Earthshaker Maul Schematic

Rare Chanfron Schematic

Rare Mount Armour Schematics

Rare Saddle Schematic

Rare Leg Guards Schematic

Rare Barding Schematic

Epic Chanfron Schematic

Epic Mount Armour Schematics

Epic Saddle Schematic

Epic Leg Guards Schematic

Epic Barding Schematic

Changes to Personal History & Unit Training Plans

With the release of Season IX: Tyranny, Personal History and Unit Training Plans will be merged into a new item: Scroll of Renewal. Resetting Hero attributes and Unit nodes will require this new item. All Personal History and Unit Training Plans in your inventory will be converted into an equal number of Scroll of Renewal and sent to your Mail.

Changes to Unit Balancing & Leadership 

The final changes for Season IX: Tyranny come in the form of Unit adjustments to leadership and balance.

In Season VIII, 5-Star Units had high leadership requirements, which many players found to be limiting strategies in battles. Therefore, the leadership requirements of 5-Star (and some 4-Star) Units will be reduced (by around 5-30) to help diversify your armies.

Leading on from this, we know some 5-Star Cavalry Units are struggling in the current meta. Changes will be made to address this, specifically when it comes to the Kheshigs and Cataphract Lancers.

IMPORTANT: If you own any of the above items which will be changing in Season IX in your web Inventory, please transfer them to your character(s) before Season IX begins.

We hope these new changes will improve your Conqueror’s Blade experience in Season IX: Tyranny. Check back for more information soon!