As part of the Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations and in preparation for Season IX: Tyranny, you can participate in the Last Stand PvP event, complete pre-season Quests, and treat yourself to new in-game bundles!

Complete Pre-Season Quests

Ready yourself to rise up against chaos in Season IX: Tyranny with pre-season Quests! Starting September 16, there will be new daily quests to fulfil to unlock special rewards, including buckets of Bronze, Honour, Fame and much more. These special quests will end on September 28, so don’t miss out!

Prepare to Topple Tyranny with New Bundles!

Need to stock up on valuable supplies for the battles ahead? Grab these brand-new in-game bundles until September 28 (after maintenance) with up to 20% off!

  • March to War Bundle: War is on the horizon. Includes 14 days of Premium time, 5 Unit Training Plans, 5 10-Battle Unit XP Cards, and 5 Random Rare Artillery Chests.
  • Fortune & Glory Bundle: Seek your fortune (with glory to boot) with 5 Large Chests of Bronze (50,000 Bronze Total), 5 Advanced Unit XP Cards, 10 Unit Medals, and 5 Expedition Paperworks (5,000 Glory each).
  • Bombardier's Bundle: Get more boom for your buck with 2 Large Chests of Bronze, 2 General Supplies (1,000 Donation Points each), 2 Unit Training Plans, and 2 Random Rare Artillery Chests.

Note: All Bundles are subject to a purchase limit of three.

Participate in the Last Stand PvP Event!

Get ready to rumble with a returning PvP event: Last Stand. From September 16 (11:00 server time) to September 28 (11:00 server time), you can lay siege to Reginopolis once again. Simply press ‘J’ and prepare for the carnage!

Are you ready to stand against chaos in Season IX: Tyranny? Check back soon for more info on the upcoming season.