Three brand-new Seasonal Units are coming to Season IX: Tyranny to help fight off a powerful new evil in the form of a wicked tyrant. Today, we’ll be looking at the first of these new Units, a hardy cavalry troop: the Outriders (3-Star).

With the pastures for their horses and agricultural industries depleted, the Outriders must fight back for the sake of their precious mounts, and their lands and livelihood. 

Armed with explosive throwing spears and the power and speed of launching attacks on horseback, these strong soldiers excel at destroying opponent formations. The Outriders’ spears can also break ranks with ease, laying waste to enemies of the rebellion. Attacking from horseback comes with its own set of turbulent challenges, but the power of the throwing spear cannot be underestimated.

Stand against chaos in Conqueror’s Blade when Season IX: Tyranny launches on September 28.