If you’ve been thinking about moving to a different server, now is the time to turn thoughts into actions as applications will open on September 16 (after maintenance) for cross-server transfers! All transfers will take place during scheduled maintenance on September 28.

Don’t forget that you need to successfully apply in-game before 12:00 CEST on September 27 to be eligible for a transfer. Each transfer costs 1,000 Sovereigns and the characters must have left their House or Cohort for the application to proceed. You cannot rejoin Houses/Cohorts or join new ones until the transfer is complete.

The in-game Resource Market will close on September 24 at 12:00 CEST.

For a full timetable and any answers to your questions, check out the server transfer FAQ. Please also join us in the Conqueror’s Blade Discord channel for any changes that may occur.

Note: It is possible to transfer out of Anliang (EU6), but it is locked from transferring in.