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20% off Bundles

  • Expedition Supplies: Prepare for the long journey ahead with Vault Keys, a super supply of Bronze, siege weapons, and more!
  • Prospector Pack: All the resources you need, including Silver (of the Chest and Powdered varieties), siege weapons, a 30-day premium account, and more!

Note: Bundles can only be purchased once.

50% off Collector’s Packs

Enjoy half off the base value of these previously released Collector’s Packs!

  • Desert Master Collector Pack: Stay protected from harsh weather conditions in style with the Desert Raider Hero Attire, and make sure your coffers are full with 25,000 Silver! The Desert Master Collector Pack also includes 30 days of Premium time, meaning you can enjoy the bonuses while looking your best.
  • Dark Reaper Collector Pack: Strike fear into the very hearts of your foes when you don the Reaper General Hero Attire and ride into battle with your mount outfitted in the similarly imposing Kiralyi Horse Attire. Buyers of the Dark Reaper Collector Pack will also benefit from a cash injection of 75,000 Silver, and 90 days of Premium time to get the most out of your new dominating look.

Note: If you have previously purchased either discounted Collector’s Pack, you will not be able to purchase it again.

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