Breaking The Lore: The Rise of a Dynasty (Part 4)


As we draw near to the end of our tale of the Qian Empire and its victories and hardships, let us remember where we left off.

The Zhang Kingdom was on the rise, and looking to attack the last Qian bastion - Linwu Fortress. And attack they did, unleashing hell on the stronghold and all who protected it with brute strength and unwavering confidence.

Linwu Fortress’ strong walls and stalwart defenders, the Greyhair Garrison, stood firm in the face of this obscene danger, and when the flames of war had become but embers falling silently to the dusty ground, the invaders were repelled, and the Qian Empire had prevailed.

The surviving defenders and the legendary long-serving Greyhair Garrison knew the fort would fall, as the damage sustained had been immense. But for now - they could rest.

The Qian Empire was irrevocably broken by the battle, and their slow decline beckoned, but their citizens would only know peace. The city lights of Hao Jing became one with the stars in the night sky, and the population of this once war-torn landscape could sleep safely, protected by their veterans. The Zhang had taken much, and the Qian’s eventual decay was on the horizon. Yet, for now, the Dynasty had won.

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