Save up to 50% in our Mid-Season Sale!


With Season VIII: Dynasty reaching the halfway point, we’re giving our brave and valiant warlords the chance to purchase reduced bundles, a half-price Battle Pass, and massively discounted Collector’s Packs!

From August 19 (after maintenance) until August 25 (end-of-day server time), all of the following items will enjoy a discount!

Bundles Of Joy! (In-Game)

  • Expedition Supplies (20% off): Prepare for the long journey ahead with Vault Keys, a super supply of Bronze, siege weapons, and more!
  • Prospector Pack (20% off): All the resources you need, including Silver (of the Chest and Powdered varieties), siege weapons, a 30-day premium account, and more!

Note: Bundles can only be purchased once.

50% off the Battle Pass!

Pick up the Season VIII: Dynasty Battle Pass for 50% off and enjoy dozens of tiers of premium rewards for your efforts in battle, available in-game, via Steam, and on MY.GAMES Market.

If you’re looking for an extra boost to your Battle Pass progress too, the Battle Pass Bundle is also available to purchase with a 50% discount (in-game only) and comes with an additional 100,000 Glory!

Note: Steam discounts will end August 26, 11:00 CEST.

Stay cool with Collector’s Packs Discounts!

Enjoy a refreshing 40% discount on the following Collector’s Packs!

  • Imperial Heir Collector’s Pack (Steam | Collector's Page): Herald the destruction of empires with the Diadochi Hero Attire, a 30-day Premium Account, 50,000 Silver, and siege weapons!
  • Battle Saga Collector’s Pack (Steam | Collector's Page): Valhalla is calling. Fight as Odin's chosen with Jomsdrengr Hero Attire, a 90-day Premium Account, 80,000 Silver, and 15 siege weapons!
  • Dark Solstice Collector’s Pack (Steam | GAMES Market): Brave the cold and dark with the Winter Knight Hero Attire, a 90-day Premium Account, 80,000 Silver, Tuisku Horse Attire, and more!
  • Soaring Sapphire Collector’s Pack (Steam | GAMES Market): Soar high in victory. Take flight with the shimmering Blue Swan Hero Attire, a 30-day Premium Account, Silver, and siege weapons!

Note: Steam discounts will end August 26, 11:00 CEST.

Don’t delay, save today - these discounts end on August 25!