This instalment takes us back in time to an especially harsh winter in Longting. With unrelenting snow and a brutal chill in the air, the region’s enemies used the severe weather conditions to their advantage to plan an invasion.
The Zhang Kingdom’s raiders invaded Maoyang and won, as the Qian troops stationed there were unable to contend with them due to the surprise nature of the attack. They then began their advance to the east towards the capital city of Hao Jing.

The Golden Road became a battlefield, far removed from its prosperous roots, as the Qian Dynasty’s soldiers fought back valiantly and repelled the Zhang forces’ attempts at raiding them.

It was, however, a hollow victory for the Qian Empire, as many of their elite troops were lost, and they feared the power of their dynasty would begin to wane.

The Zhang Kingdom was not satisfied with their attempted raid on Hao Jing, and the flames of their war would eventually reach the last stronghold, the legendary, nigh-impregnable Linwu Fortress...

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