As the twelfth weapon class to be introduced in Conqueror’s Blade, the Pike has a lot to live up to - and it delivers with a graceful thrust. Warriors of the Qian Dynasty in Season VIII: Dynasty wield the Pike in honour of a legendary general who was trained to use this versatile weapon by the Cudgel Monks. You may recognise the Pike as the weapon used by some of the most efficient units in the game, but now it’s your chance to dedicate yourself to becoming an expert in the masterful spiky stick.

Keep enemies at bay with its long reach and time your attacks well to create powerful combos in battle. Are you worthy of wielding this new weapon? Find out by taking on the Pike challenges to unlock it via the Seasonal Menu (F5).


The Pike excels at piercing and slashing damage (as a pointy stick should), therefore Strength isn’t a bad Attribute to stock up on as it will increase armour penetration. The same goes for Agility, which will increase both kinds of damage.

As the Pike is defensive, with its long reach staving off attackers at more than arm’s length, Armour and Toughness aren’t that important to bulk up on points-wise.

However, if you want to be even more careful about the possibility of being whacked over the head with a Maul, you can put a few points into Toughness to increase your overall health.

Weapon Skills

Unlike the Spear, the Pike is slower off the mark, heavier, and provides more defensive opportunities than its spiky sister.

While it hasn’t got the widest variety of skills out there, its range is truly incredible, and the damage that can be dealt when wielded correctly will surely cement your name in the Hall of Fame. You can chain combos to use different stages of each skill with one another, and gain the ‘Strong As A Storm’ effect each and every time a normal attack lands to increase all types of damage by 4%.

  • Wandering Dragon: This skill is all about creating space between you and your enemy (with a nice bit of Slashing damage mixed in). Move back several metres and swing the weapon while knocking back soldiers (and shaking off the 'Dazed' effect from your Warlord).
  • Water Dragon: The Water Dragon skill takes the fight to your foe. Rush forward to deal Piercing damage.
  • Sky Dragon: You have two chances to strike here, as depending on which end of the Pike hits your enemy (blunt or sharp) you have the chance to deal the corresponding damage (plus additional points).

Ultimate Skills

Choose between two Ultimate Skills, depending on if you prefer delivering Slashing or Piercing damage.

  • Cold Dragon: Striking 6 times in total, the Cold Dragon Ultimate Skill deals devastating Slashing damage, while also removing ‘Dazed’ and ‘Knocked Back’ effects, sending soldiers flying and knocking back Heroes.
  • Green Dragon: The Green Dragon Ultimate provides a Charge effect, sends enemies flying, and deals extensive Piercing damage.

The Pike also benefits from a ‘Combo Finisher’ mechanic. After using one of the above Ultimate skills, you can use another skill’s final stage for a brutal onslaught.


Matching your armour to your weapon is crucial, as there’s nothing worse than wielding lightweight weaponry but being held back by cumbersome mail.

Light or Medium armour works well with the Pike, especially the Frostcloud Set, which is made specifically for the weapon. Adding Piercing, Slashing, and Blunt defence, as well as Health, this colourful Medium armour also reduces the cooldown on Ultimate attacks. What’s not to love?

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