Leave foes quaking in your wake with the Slaughterer Hero Attire, and earn extra XP while you do it! Not only can you don this fearsome armour, but you can also put that butchering time to good use with multiplied XP, Honor, Bronze, and Vault Keys with discounted Premium Time!

Until August 18, Premium Account Time is discounted by the following amounts both in-game and on MY.GAMES Market:

The Slaughterer Hero Attire is also available to purchase as part of three different packs on MY.GAMES Market for a limited time only and in limited quantities - so don’t miss out!

Brawn Bundle

● 1x Slaughterer Hero Attire

Butcher’s Bundle

● 1x Slaughterer Hero Attire

● 25,000 Silver

● 10x 10-Battle Unit XP Cards

● 10x 10-Battle Hero XP Cards

No Guts, No Glory Bundle

● 1x Slaughterer Hero Attire

● 75,000 Silver

● 30x 10-Battle Unit XP Cards

● 30x 10-Battle Hero XP Cards

● 30 Vault Keys

IMPORTANT: Do not purchase this item if you already own it in-game.

Seize the Slaughterer bundles and discounted Premium Time from MY.GAMES Market before August 18 at 23:59 CEST (available while supplies last)!