Treat yourself to 15% off selected Cosmetics until August 11!


Want to look your best on the battlefield? Need a new fit to fight? We’ve got you covered with 15% off selected Cosmetics until end-of-day server time on August 11!

Enjoy a fashionable discount on the following items from both MY.GAMES Market and the in-game store.

Weapon Skins

Honour Guard's Ceremonial Shortsword & Shield

Brass Dragon Firelock Musket

King's Justice Poleaxe

Sanguine Scorpion Bow

Snow Leopard Spear

Amethystine Shortbow

Thousand Souls Nodachi

Crescent Blood Moon Blade Glaive

Knight-Banneret's Heraldry Longsword & Shield

Fiery Wrath Dual Blades

Unit Attire

Eastern Outrider Unit Attire

Golden Sun Mercenary Unit Attire

Sea Devils Unit Attire

Vadászok Unit Attire

Siren's Sons Unit Attire

Eagle Guard Unit Attire

Fleur-de-Lys Unit Attire

Silver Dragon Unit Attire

Hero Attire

Immortal Hero Attire

Blue Swan Hero Attire

Horde Fighter Hero Attire

Cinnabar Dragon Hero Attire

Royal Dragon Hero Attire

Winter Knight Hero Attire

Jomsdrengr Hero Attire

Diadochi Hero Attire

Empyrean Order Hero Attire

Aswaran Hero Attire

Solar Order Hero Attire

Runic Knight Hero Attire

Overlord Hero Attire


Radiant Sun Banner

Fort Lothar Banner

Holy Mountain Banner

Great Lion Banner

Chivalry Undivided Banner

Twinned Trident Banner

Winged Hussars' Banner

Mount Attire

Kiralyi Horse Attire

Rubicante Horse Attire

Chivalric Horse Attire

Order Horse Attire

Windblown Horse Attire

Ducal Horse Attire

Draconic Horse Attire

Note: The 15% discount will become active after maintenance on August 5.