Meet your new English Community Manager: Bluntcast! Bluntcast is here to provide info, support, laughs, and more for English Conqueror’s Blade fans, and you may have already seen him streaming on our Twitch channel and active in our Discord.

We caught up with Bluntcast and grilled him about everything from painting miniatures to trying to hit Musket shots on stream.

What was the first game you ever played? And which game sparked your interest in gaming for life?

Super Mario World! My grandfather had a SNES and I remember loving how colourful it was. So much time spent learning how to time those spin-jumps! I was hooked on gaming from a young age. I'd play anything - Space Cadet Pinball that came with Windows 98 was a major productivity killer…

What else do you do for fun (apart from gaming)?

I paint miniatures and love cooking! Bringing everything together in the kitchen is the best feeling!

Were you a Conqueror’s Blade fan before you joined?

I had started playing through Season VII: Wolves of Ragnarok, and I was still learning while we transitioned into Season VIII: Dynasty! I still have a long way to go before I'm considered an expert. I really like the game's combination of medieval combat and strategy - a lot of RTS games I play, I wish I could jump straight down onto the battlefield and start slashing away myself! That's exactly what Conqueror's Blade offers.

What is your Conqueror’s Blade weapon of choice, and why?

I really like the Poleaxe! Large, broad swings to cut through infantry like a scythe! I'm also partial to the Musket to mix things up with a little ranged gameplay. Dropping caltrops and keeping my distance keeps me on my toes.

Tell us about how you got started in Community Management.

In 2019, I attended an event in London to celebrate the release of a game and I found myself talking to another guest who introduced themself as the Community Manager for the team that produced the game. We discussed the Community Manager role at length, and their description of the role perfectly fit my dream job! Talking about a game you love, engaging with players and making casual players into true fans is a dream. Add to that being able to stream and engage with the community live, and I couldn't ask for more! I made it my mission to find my place as a Community Manager. I worked with EA in their Marketing and Communications team before finding a role as a Social Media Manager. During this, I started to build my own online identity and it gave me a lot of experience moving forwards. When I found out that the Conqueror's Blade team was looking for a new Community Manager, everything fell into place!

What is your favourite (and least favourite) thing about streaming?

I love to have genuine, productive discussions with a close-knit community of chat members but then also be able to goof off and laugh at terrible plays or mistakes. I'd like to think I'm able to really put on a show for the viewers! My least favourite thing would have to be when someone doesn't reply when they win a giveaway! Come on people, don't tab out on us when you've entered the draw!

What made you want to join Conqueror’s Blade and its community?

I wanted to join the Conqueror's Blade team because I've always wanted to join a small, closely-knit team. The Conqueror's Blade community has already made it so obvious that they're passionate fans of the game and want it to be the best experience it can be. I feel the same way! I'm here to do my best to make sure that the community feels like they can rely on us to let them know what's coming up in Conqueror's Blade's future. It's not the easiest thing to do, but I'm committed to working on it.

What has been your favourite moment so far?

My favourite moment was definitely being introduced to the community. Following social media for weeks and weeks, lurking in the Discord, until I was able to be introduced to everyone! Hard to land Musket shots on stream when you're that excited.

What do you hope to bring to the community in Conqueror’s Blade?

I'm hoping to bring a fun-loving, high-energy vibe to the community! It's been a great time so far, and I'm hoping we've got a long road ahead of us together, so I'm looking forward to getting to know people and keeping the community up-to-speed on the game!

If you could enter the world of Conqueror's Blade, what would be the first thing you did?

I'd find a nice quiet place in Hao Jing and get myself cosied up with a hot tea and a sweet treat and let the Warlords go off and do what they do best! I'll be here with my feet up. All that battle business is too much walking for me.

You can get in touch with Bluntcast via Discord, and catch him on the Conqueror’s Blade Twitch channel along with the full team, and watch his English (EN) streams every Wednesday and Friday!