Loyal, respected among their peers, and highly skilled in battle, the Modao Battalion are among the most distinguished warriors in all of Longting and can be yours to command in Season VIII: Dynasty!

The Modao wield their fearsome signature weapon, the great bladed ‘modao’ with expert ease and can cut down any foe in their path. Forming the core of the Hao Jing Imperial Guard, they guard the capital city of Longting with unrelenting dedication.

How to Unlock the Modao Battalion

The Modao Battalion can be unlocked via Seasonal Unit Challenges and comes with an added bonus of a Seasonal Bonus in the form of Leadership requirements decreased by 15 for the duration of Season VIII. You must unlock the Cudgel Monks and the Greyhair Garrison (Seasonal Unit Challenges now available) before you can proceed with Challenges for this unit.

Unlocking the Modao Battalion will also unlock the For The Emperor quest (which you can accept by talking to the Watchman). Completion of this quest will reward you with an exclusive Doctrine.


The Modao Battalion is among the most distinguished military organisations in Longting. When the second Qian Emperor founded their former army, their expeditions sometimes lasted for decades, but they remained undefeated.

When ordered to carry out the Modao March order, the unit will immediately launch a forward attack, knocking down enemies in their path. Their traits protect them from numerous types of assault, including fire resistance, immovability, and the ability to stop cavalry and inflict a slow effect.

Just the facts: Modao Battalion (5-Star)


  • Dispersed: Soldiers shape a scattered formation designed to resist a focused assault.
  • Trapezoid: A formation perfect for the aggressive Modao March advance but also suitable for defence.

Unit Traits

  • Wall Of Blades: This attack can stop enemy cavalry for 1 second and also inflict a 60% Slow effect.
  • Immovable: The Modao Battalion’s strict military discipline means they will not be sent flying as a result of melee attacks and will simply be knocked back. While under this Immovable effect, 50% of the damage taken from lancers and cavalry is converted to stable bleed damage.
  • Fire-Resistant: The Modao Battalion are less vulnerable to incendiary attacks.
  • Qian Dynasty: Leadership cost reduced by 15 during Season VIII.

Unit Orders

  • Modao Defence: When commanded to perform Modao Defence, the unit will immediately focus on defending against the enemy.
  • Modao March: Upon hearing this order, the Modao Battalion launches into a forward attack, knocking nearby enemies back while receiving a speed boost to reach those not in close range.
  • Carnage: The troops unleash a powerful combo attack and will charge in the designated direction while also receiving Endure and Damage Reduction effects for 2 seconds.

The Modao Battalion Unit is available to unlock via Unit Challenges now!

NOTE: The above information is correct as of the time of publication. Please check in-game for the most up-to-date Unit information.