They may be long in the tooth, but this Seasonal Unit will fight to the bitter end for their Warlord in Season VIII: Dynasty! The Greyhair Garrison consists of seasoned warriors, wise and capable despite their venerable age, wielding spears, swords, and shields.

The guardians of the Linwu Fortress (the new Season VIII Siege map arriving later in the season) for over 40 years, the Greyhair Garrison dedicated their lives to standing watch over the legendary stronghold.


The Greyhair Garrison can be unlocked via Seasonal Unit Challenges, and they enjoy a Seasonal Bonus in the form of Leadership requirements decreased by 15 for the duration of Season VIII. You must unlock the Cudgel Monks before you can proceed with Challenges for this unit.

Unit Challenges have been improved and will have their stage completion requirements unified. You now only need to complete some of the challenges of each stage (e.g., 6 out of 8, or 8 out of 10 depending on how many Stars a unit has), removing the requirement of completing all challenges. 

Unlocking the Greyhair Garrison will also unlock the A Heart Divided quest (which you can accept by talking to the Watchman). Completion of this quest will reward you with an exclusive Doctrine.


The Greyhair Garrison are the veterans of a doomed siege and will fight to the end for their commander's cause. When ordered to execute the Last Stand order, they receive the Hale and Hearty special effect, increasing their attack and damage at the expense of their health.

However, these hardened fighters won’t quit that easy as when their health falls below 40%, they can unleash their By The Book trait, increasing their damage and recovering HP from any attacks they land.

Just the facts: Greyhair Garrison (4-Star)


  • Three Ranks: Soldiers form a dense three-stage formation to resist enemies ahead, and gain the Last Stand skill.
  • Wedge: A wedge formation used for charging enemies. The Charge skill is even more potent while in this formation.

Unit Traits

  • Grizzled Veterans: The Greyhair Garrison can use a variety of weapons in battle, each inflicting a different effect on enemies. This includes Sword & Shield (excels at defensive counterattacks and blocking), Longsword (capable of attacking multiple targets at once), and Polearm (attacks enemy weak points). Every time a skill is used, the unit will be immune to control debuffs for a short time.
  • By The Book: When Health falls below 40%, damage is increased by 25%, and each attack restores 10% Max Health.
  • Duty Unto Death: Unit is not subject to Headcount, meaning they can enter battle when current Headcount falls below 1/3 of the maximum number of soldiers in the unit.
  • Qian Dynasty: Leadership cost reduced by 15 during Season VIII.

Unit Orders

  • No Retreat: The unit immediately forms a three-line formation, and becomes immune to control effects while this is active.
  • Last Stand: The unit adopts a defensive stance, becoming temporarily immune to control effects. This can only be activated while in Three Ranks formation; changing to a different formation will weaken the effect.
  • Charge: The unit charges as directed, with a strengthened effect that restores the unit's health, and is even more beneficial if triggered while in the Wedge formation. The unit then becomes temporarily immune to control effects.
  • Hale and Hearty (Special Effect): When using Last Stand, damage taken is reduced by 80%. This effect will disappear after receiving five attacks.


The Greyhair Garrison Unit is available to unlock via Unit Challenges now!

NOTE: The above information is correct as of the time of publication. Please check in-game for the most up-to-date Unit information.