As the Silver Trial ends, it’s time to up the ante as the Heroic Trial begins! This event restricts you to Units from the Heroic Era or earlier and curbs deploying more than two Artillery pieces. Say goodbye to units from the Golden Era such as the Monastic Knights or Rattan Rangers, and prepare to field the likes of Yeomen, Imperial Archers, and Palace Guards instead as your choicest soldiers.

Can you hold your own without your most elite units by your side?

Selectable from the Battle Select screen by pressing ‘J’ until July 26, the Heroic Trial event mode requires Warlords to be level 100 or above and takes place on the following 14 maps:

  • Allenburg Siege
  • Augolia Siege
  • Border Fort Siege
  • Frontier Camp Siege
  • Harbour City Siege
  • Hidden City Siege
  • Kurak Castle Siege
  • Lesser Greenpeak Camp Siege
  • Riverlands Castle Assault
  • Sun City Siege
  • The Storehouse Siege
  • Valley Fortress Siege
  • Wall Fort Siege
  • White Elk Fort Siege