The Season VIII: Dynasty Battle Pass is now available to purchase via MY.GAMES Market, Steam, and in-game!

The Season VIII Battle Pass allows you to earn even more rewards on top of the Free Pass by completing Seasonal Challenges and amassing Glory, with exclusive Chinese-inspired cosmetics, new Emotes, and many more helpful consumable items available to help you along your journey. 

With the Battle Pass, you’ll also draw more Blades to exchange in the Seasonal Store for elite items to level up your style.


You can earn some great rewards with a Free Pass and enjoy a great season regardless, with new rewards up to Nobility 200 and an exclusive Player Title at Tier 300 (Dynastic Overlord).

Highlights of the Free Pass include:

  • Season VIII Avatar (Tier 25): Equip this avatar to show that the flower that blooms in adversity is the rarest and most beautiful of all.
  • Dynastic Marauder Title (Tier 30): Demonstrate your raiding prowess with this Player Title.
  • Qian Dynasty Weapon Box (Tier 70): Unlock a Qian Dynasty-themed weapon skin of your choice to wield on the battlefield.
  • Legendary Artillery Selection Box (Tier 80): Wreak havoc upon enemy units with Legendary Artillery!

There are also plenty of Blades, Treatise, Chests of Bronze, Skill Pages, and many more amazing items to be earned.


For the discerning Warlord, there’s no better way to attain great honour than with a Season VIII Battle Pass! The Battle Pass includes all Free Pass rewards plus new prizes EVERY tier up to Nobility 200.

Highlights of the Battle Pass include:

  • Iron Warrior Hero Attire (Tier 1 - INSTANT UNLOCK): This heavy armour is specially made for elite infantrymen and is adept at staving off attacks from sharp weapons and absorbing the impact of heavy armaments. Adorned with faces of beasts, leopard skin, and red tassels, this armour is particularly expensive to craft but will strike fear into the hearts of anyone who sees it approaching.
  • Sincere Greeting Emote (Tier 15):Bow in reverence of your peers with this new Emote.
  • Shadow Legion Unit Attire (Tier 50): Honouring the legendary strange soldier in black armour who changed the course of battle at its most critical point when the Qian Dynasty was founded, the Shadow Legion was formed by the new emperor to boost morale in times of strife. Deck out your troops in this fine royal blue and chainmail attire and send them marching off into battle in style.
  • Wrathful Emperor Mount Set (Tier 70): This ornamental Mount Set (complete with red plumage) was crafted in celebration of the victory over the Zhang Kingdom to honour the god protecting the northwest in the battle.
  • Bang A Gong Emote (Tier 85): Make your presence known in the open-world loudly and proudly with the Bang A Gong Emote!
  • Wrathful Emperor Hero Attire (Tier 100): Silk and gold decoration along with a gilded mask representing the majesty of the overseer, the Wrathful Emperor Attire honours the victory over the Zhang Kingdom. Legend has it that once this armour was forged, it was distributed to all the kingdom's armies to be enshrined in the northwest corner of their barracks. Whenever a major campaign was declared, a general would don this armour and charge into battle, his armies surging furiously behind him like a tsunami.


Unlock Blades from the Battle Pass to exchange in the Seasonal Store for brand-new Qian Dynasty-themed weapon skins and brandish your arms in ornamental colours.

Qian Dynasty Weapon Skins:

  • Mountain Quaker Maul
  • Green Chaser Daggers
  • Wild Hunter Short Bow
  • Coiled Dragon Bow
  • Pepperhead Musket
  • Silverback Nodachi
  • Serpent’s Tongue Spear
  • Vanquisher of Iniquity Poleaxe
  • Empire’s Aegis Longsword & Shield
  • Cloudchaser Glaive
  • Five Colours Shortsword & Shield

There are many Antique variants of Season III: Soldiers of Fortune and Season IV: Blood of the Empire Attire to unlock, each with their own unique theme and design.

Antique Attire:

  • Antique Knights of Sicania Unit Attire
  • Antique Cerulean Guards Unit Attire
  • Antique Phoenix Aurora Hero Attire
  • Antique Forza Bruta Hero Attire
  • Antique Sublime Gate Unit Attire
  • Antique Chorbaji’s Hero Attire
  • Antique Baltadji’s Hero Attire

You can also exchange Blades for Antique weapon skins based on those previously available in Season IV: Blood of the Empire.

Antique Weapon Skins:

  • Antique Maul of King Derek
  • Antique Daggers of the Noble Court
  • Antique Archura Short Bow
  • Antique Menzil Bow
  • Antique Yalaz Musket
  • Antique Tacir’s Nodachi
  • Antique Deli Commander’s Spear
  • Antique Cebulu’s Poleaxe
  • Antique Yatagan Longsword & Shield
  • Antique Glaive of Salakhana
  • Antique Kilij Shortsword & Shield

Purchase the Season VIII: Dynasty now via MY.GAMES Market, Steam, and in-game, and reap the benefits of your tireless efforts in battle!