At the start of the Guild CBT we challenged the game’s nascent Houses to take over as much of their chosen region as they could, with the most successful across each earning for their members a rather fetching unit skin. The criteria for success was simple: the House that controlled the most regional territories when the test ended would be crowned - and it’s archers clothed - as one of two server champions.

However, things didn’t quite go to plan: Across all three game servers (NA, EU and RU) the fighting was far more intense than we’d envisioned and we ended up with a couple of tied positions that were hard to separate. It’s for this reason that we’ve decided to crown three winning houses per server rather than just two (one for each region). 

Here we are then, the most dominant Houses of the Guild CBT, whose members during recent testing will be the ones in line for a reward (rather than their Guild Hub associates):

Top NA Houses (by territories controlled)

  1. The_Legion (19)
  2. Ming (14)
  3. Uncrowned (10)

Top EU Houses (by territories controlled)

  1. Blutschwur (15)
  2. SoulWings (8)
  3. SalutarisNova (8)

Top RU Houses (by territories controlled)

  1. CSM (12)
  2. DarkTriad (9)
  3. RedWingOrl (9)

Well done to all the above, who now enter the pioneering annals of Conqueror’s Blade’s short history. Honorable mentions too for the “Unlucky Sevens”: Chaos on the RU server, which held on to a respectable seven regions, while on the EU server both ThelynEnnor and Millennium missed out on lasting glory by a single territory.

To those that fought hard but ultimately came up short, don’t worry. We’ll have more world domination-style contests in the future, with other prizes to look forward to as guild and warfare mechanics evolve, units develop and more regions become ripe for conquest.